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  • arnet
    10-31 07:26 PM
    The application procedures vary based on the consulate you are planning to visit for visa stamping.

    so which consulate you are planning to visit to get visa stamping? no need for emergency appointment if you are planning to get it done in india.

    in india, from October 2006 things are changed, you can get appointment easily, even now there are dates available in december (also in november). if you book now, you can get appointment in december.

    check VFS sites. if you have any questions about the eliglibity, contact VFS numbers or send email from the following page:


    also you can check appointment dates at one of the indian consulates at the following page and at the bottom of the page, click the link 'Click here for an estimate of current availability of visa interview appointments':


    To book appointment in VFS site, you need HDFC receipts from HDFC bank branch for each of the applicants, so for procedure, check fees and forms link in this VFS site.

    At the beginning, the principal applicant can create one application with his/her hdfc receipt number with other reqd details and later can add their dependents at later stage of application. You can fill other DS-156/157 forms here.

    good luck!!!!

    I'm not an immigration attroney, so consult one for your situations as laws/procedures keep changing.

    Hello All - I understand from the website that the people already working in the US qualify for an emergency appointment if they are returning back to work in the US. Does anyone if this rule is also applicable it is the first time you are getting a H1-B visa stamp? I got a COS and am planning to get a stamp in December. I know that more dates are available now .. but was wondering if the need arises will I eligible for emergency appointment?


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  • raysaikat
    04-27 09:08 PM
    Hi All,
    I have filed an extension for my parents B2 Visa. I have got extension approval but only got I-94 for father and did not find I-94 for mother. I did attach Supplement-I with my mother's details.

    I just happen to look at my application, I-539. I found that I checked the following:
    Members of my family are filing this application with me.
    The total number of people (including me) in the application is: 1

    Is it customary that I only receive I-94 for the principal applicant (in my case) and don't have to worry about?

    If not, please share your thoughts. Do I need to file seperate application for my mother at this point?

    Thank you all,


    Each person needs to have his/her own I-94. It is an 1-1 mapping between I-94 and passport.

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  • kaisersose
    08-03 04:56 PM
    hi guyz,

    Please advise on this issue: I work for a engineering software company. Currently I work as a 'Technical Support Engineer', but my company has offered me a position of 'Sales Engineer'. I have already applied for my I-485, but have not received a notice yet. If I start working in the sales position, will this affect my GC application? Would the USCIS know about my change of duties, if my 'salary' and 'position title' remains the same? Please reply. Response will be highly appreciated!


    As long as nothing changes on paper, you are good. The title can be different as long as there are at least some responsibilities similar to your previous role.

    But keep in mind, that companies & management are volatile by nature. The manager and HR who are cooperating today may move on and you may have to deal with new people who may not be willing to go along.

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  • ajp5
    08-05 04:50 PM
    There is just one thing you can do......pray........however gods immigration dept is as slow as USCIS............IV community will attest to that:)
    Ofcourse you dont need approved h1b to leave the country......only to come back..so if you will be there for a few weeks you can get PP done till then........make sure stamping etc is taken care of before you show up at POE.........


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  • viper673
    07-24 02:55 PM
    PD has nothing to do with EAD processing. They're not linked.

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  • seemashah
    02-21 04:26 PM

    I was working for Company A from 2000 to 2004. Company A applied for my GC in 2002. However, the company was not doing well until I left it. It was not paying me the salary which came out in PW. Company A continued with my GC processing and I filed for I140 and 485 last year in June. Now received the following RFE for I140:
    Please submit documentary evidence that you, the petitioning employer, have the financial
    ability to pay the wage/salary you offered the beneficiary. This evidence must show that you
    have this financial capability on the date you fied the ETA with the Department of Labor and
    cover up until the visa is issued. The petitioner may submit evidence that their net income is
    equal to or greater than the proffered wage, evidence that the petitioner's net current assets
    are equal to or greater than the proffered wage, or evidence that the petitioner not only is
    employing the beneficiary but also has paid or is currently paying the proffered wage. The
    service wil also consider copies of audited annual reports of the employer, or copies of
    audited financial statements of the employer. Evidence is needed for 2002-2003.

    Does anyone have some idea how to get the audited financial statements or audited annual reports?. I know that the company never had any audited reports. I had submitted the bank statements of the company and the tax returns with my I140. However, it seems that they want the audited reports. The company was not doing well in 2002/2003. However, it is doing well now. So any input will be highly appreciated.


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  • Ectheo
    04-08 12:45 PM
    Hmmm....Tool, APC, and In Flames....I like you. You know good music when you hear it.

    Nice stamps, btw.

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  • mygc2006
    05-28 11:02 AM
    thanks Wandmaker!


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  • indo_obama
    05-12 10:31 AM
    I think he has to give some BDS exam first to get a scroe and then using that he should be able to apply to various colleges. The course fees is about $200,000 . So if you can get admission somewhere and can pay the fees then he can be minting money soon:D

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  • pmp123
    11-24 03:43 AM
    I485/I131/I765- Applied on 10/15/2009
    Notice Date of Receipt - 10/16/2009
    Biometric FP Appointment letter Received - 10/27/2009
    Bioemtric/FP Done - 11/18/2009
    EAD Card production Order - 11/18/2009
    Soft LUD on I485/I131/I765 - 11/19/2009
    AP Approval Notice Sent email - 11/23/2009
    EAD Approval Notice sent email - 11/23/2009
    EAD Received - 11/23/2009:)


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  • dwl800
    06-13 09:15 AM
    I wont be able to file for GC under STEM coz my I-140 was filed in EB-3 after 2 years of my Graduation but less than 3 years.

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  • Money
    02-14 12:10 AM
    they removed only e-verify and i did not check my facts


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  • srinivas_meena_vinu
    07-18 12:05 PM

    Mine is not a Lobour substitution. In fact I am in L1A and mine has been filed in EB3 category. It is done by PERM and it has been approved. My designation is Program Manager and based on that the Labour was filed. My company is doing well and also pays well.

    Please advice if that would help.

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  • guyfromsg
    09-08 03:04 PM
    Hello Georgia members. Thanks for everyone who is joining the rally. I've created a googlegroup for the GA member. Please join this group.



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  • sbmallik
    05-27 12:09 PM
    Aha I see ... yes she can stay in the US beyond the I-94 date as long as the extension application is pending. From the postings i can recollect that in case of a denial the unlawful presence starts from the decision date.

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  • revnet
    October 24th, 2004, 08:54 AM
    Does anybody have any experience using this camera in the studio? If so, what lighting equipment are you using. The manual only says to use Canon flashes or equivalent, which aren't going to cut it. I'm not that familiar with trigger voltage (250V) and don't want to fry the thing. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. What I'm looking for is a brand of lights that would work with E-TTL. Thanks


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  • IfYouSeekAmy
    08-21 10:13 AM
    And consider citizenship so you won't have to face these hassles any more.

    Unless it is an expired "conditional status" card, your legal status in the US in no way changes. Only the card expires and not your legal LPR status! I don't quite understand what your "mistake on birthday" comment is all about!

    You are still a legal permanent resident and can apply for a job proving your eligibility with your Social Security card and valid drivers license/state ID.

    Get a new card by filling out form I-90 with USCIS and pay the required fees.

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  • chinna2003
    05-14 11:01 PM
    I have EAD through my wifes employment under Eb3 category with a PD 2005. we are expecting a baby in september, so

    There is an option to avail a child care leave(4 years) and the employer will hold the job as this is official policy of the organization that belongs to a state government.Will there be a problem then being in AOS and not working and moreover recently received a RFE for EVL 2 weeks ago and we submitted it already?

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  • gg_ny
    09-30 01:08 PM
    One has to maintain at least 6 months of validity in the passport if on H1
    (for visa and for traveling); although not strictly implemented, this might create problems. Next, an expired passport is not considered to be a valid ID document.

    Is there any problem if your passport is expired while on H1 visa?

    Do we need to get the passport renewed before it is expiring?

    June 12th, 2005, 04:26 AM
    Nice choices. Those two lens will no doubt get a lot of use. They certainly seem to be working well for you in these shots.

    10-05 10:54 PM

    My husband's employer told him that the 6 year H1 B stay cap has been eliminated since the year 2008. Is that true?

    Does it mean that as long as the USCIS approves your H1-B extension you may apply even after 6 years?


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