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  • rollercoaster
    04-03 11:08 PM
    Thank you sunny1000. God bless you.

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  • mrane1
    08-10 10:06 PM
    I got my GC last year... My wifes PD is the same as mine which is Sept 2003... She has been current for a while... 2 infopass and several SRs... no luck yet!

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  • varshadas
    01-16 09:01 AM
    I will join as well.


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  • imconfused
    05-24 04:26 PM
    I filed for my EAD last year along with 485 and the lawyer sent the application to Nebraska Service Center, however, the receipt notice I received was from Texas Service Center.

    Now, for Q11 - Have you ever applied for EAD from USCIS? Which USCIS office, which office should I mention? NSC or TSC?



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  • redmd567
    12-06 08:34 PM
    I've been working on EAD for about 4 years now as priority dates are backed up a lot. My I-140 has been approved in 2007 and still waiting on I-485 to get approved. My current employer is not my original sponsor. I changed jobs after the "180 days post I-485 receipt" policy. Now, I'm interested to accept an offer (similar job) in another state. How will this affect my I-485 if I'm changing employers for the 3rd time and this time, at another state?

    Thank you very much.

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  • sss9i
    09-27 05:05 PM
    I think so....
    So those that filed before the 30th of July will have to pay 340/ year until we receive our green card??


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  • senocular
    10-27 08:18 PM
    Stop Wasting Your ?

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  • chalamurariusa
    05-14 09:53 AM
    You can file for your childs GC with yours before he turns 21.


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  • jd123
    05-16 11:53 AM
    I am on h4 visa now.It expires in Sep14,2011 .I have a company that wants to sponsor my H1 visa.the start date for the h1 visa would be 1st Oct,2011.
    Does this mean that i will be out of status for Sep14-Sep30, will i have to file for my h4 renewal for that period.also,would it affect my new h1 petition.

    Pls reply

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  • bombaysardar
    08-01 09:18 PM
    What is interesting in this? This is not interesting, this is published guideline from USCIS. But the outcome is not guaranteed to get an EAD.

    Many of the users may not be aware of this feature - thanks for flagging it 'jazzbythebay':)


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  • img86
    10-08 01:52 AM
    Hi .. I am on L1 with my current employer. I applied H1B through a consultancy and my petition got approved. My current employer told me that they can transfer my approved H1B to them. Is it really possible to transfer H1B to my current employer, just by having the approved petition?

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  • Green.Tech
    03-11 05:52 PM

    Good morning, Mr. Bawa :)

    People have talked about it and forgotten already:


    ...and are already talking about May bulletin now:



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  • forgerator
    01-19 08:35 AM
    I forgot to post my update - I actually did get my appointment with Xvars.com (http://www.xvars.com) . They got me the appointment about 2 days after I signed up, and I got my stamping done in Toronto on Dec 16th. I also chose Montreal as backup but got my original choice. Good luck to people stamping visas in canada. it is much easier and faster than going back to the home country.

    Do you know how much Xvars is charging for this process? I might try it out as well.

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  • IV2007
    06-18 07:08 AM
    My wife's name was changed when we got married in the passport to add my name as her last name.

    This is not reflected on her birth certificate.

    I am planning on taking 2 affadavits. But I don't have a format for this special case.. Is there any one who has gone thru this ? Also pls provide me with the format...

    Urgent reply..



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  • amulchandra
    03-21 05:50 PM
    If you are a pharmacist then try to speak to big chains like walmart, Rite aid and walgreens. They do H1s for foreign graduates but certain conditions apply like you should have already passed the FPGEE.

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  • puddonhead
    08-17 04:40 PM

    I filed this week my N400 based on a 5 years rule;

    I am a freelance book writer and a web market engeneer;
    In 2005 I was let go from my job; I filed for unemployment and I traveld to Asia working part time as writer and looking for a new job and find new places to write about in my book;
    the trip lasted 5 months,

    I attached my taxes for the last 5 years to the application:
    will CIS look at the taxes for 2005 and look at the unemployment benefits together with my international travel?

    AM I in trouble when I show up for the interview? I am concerned

    pls advice

    thank you

    I dont think international travel should be a problem as long as you have spent more than half of your last 5 years in the US.

    I have heard (IANAL - so please double check) Unemployment benefit is an insurance claim. Your employer (and indirectly you, in the form of foregone salary) paid the premium for it while you were employed. It is technically not supposed to be a government dole. So technically, even that is not supposed to be a problem.

    Why dont you spend a few hundred dollars to get a consultation with a good immigration attorney? The potential impact if something goes wrong is way too much for you to rely on questionable advice from strangers in an internet forum.


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  • obviously
    07-26 11:11 PM

    Recommend that we contact the Office to present our inputs on the effects of the systemic problems in the current processing system.

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  • martinvisalaw
    07-27 01:20 PM
    If your future wife is not in the US now, she will apply directly at the consulate for her L-2 visa. There is no need for you or her to get prior approval from CIS, like you do for the L-1. Your question is unclear, so I don't know if this answers it.

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  • hibworker
    02-04 04:54 PM
    If the question didn't showed up - then it has been removed. Its as simple as that - isn't it. The question cannot magically show up for some and not for others.
    Take it easy! Good luck with your interview.

    12-15 03:35 PM

    I am currently working on a fulltime H1B and my GC process is going on with second stage (I140) in progress. Now my old employer wants me to work parttime for them which I agreed upon but this is a possibility only if I have a parttime H1B applied w.r.t old employer which I am thinking to apply for it and work parttime. But my question here is does this effect my GC processing? If it is what are the effects? Please reply me back. Thanks a lot.


    01-17 05:11 PM
    My PD is Oct 2004 .Received I-140 RFE Ability to pay.RFE date Jan 2nd 2009.They have asked for Tax returns for 2006 and 2007 (2004 and 2005 were submitted during filing).They have mentioned that we also have the option to submit W2 ,Audited statements or Annual reports.The company is a small company with 20-30 employees and is doing pretty well .For 2004 ,2005 and 2006 their net incomes is about 3-4 times my proffered wage.But there is an issue for the 2007 return.Their year ends in June and hence 2007 return was due on September 2007 for which they have filed an extension.Hence returns are not due till March 2009.RFE has to be responded to by Feb 2nd.They have paid an estimated tax of about 34000-35000 .My proffered wages are 52000.Hence if one calculates the estimated income it is in line with the previous years and is about 3 times my wages.But there is no return only extension notice and proof of taxes paid .I do not work for them right now and have no W2.They do not have any audited statement or annual report.I am trying to get them to give me a statement from their CPA stating estimated revenues,net income and tax for 2007 but I am being given the run around.If I were to submit only with the 2006 return and 2007 extension filed with proof of tax paid is it OK or do i most definitely need that letter from their CPA.I doubt I can get anything more than the CPA letter and that too is doubtful.Business owner perceives CPA letter not needed attorney states needed.I am in a limbo.Please help .Do I also need statement showing income from July 2008 through December 2008 to show current ability to pay as advised when they have asked only for 2006 and 2007 returns.PLEEEASE HELLP AND GIVE YOR ADVISE.

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