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Dragon Ball Illuminati

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  • Mr. Brown
    12-22 06:30 PM
    I thought this was funny and had to post this link :D.

    You now protest when other countries make it difficult for you to get a visa.

    US, UK protest as India gets tough on visas - India - The Times of India (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/US-UK-protest-as-India-gets-tough-on-visas/articleshow/5367548.cms)

    I think it works well from both angles (visitor, citizen of India) after the new rules. I am not sure why people were allowed to enter on travel visas if they were clearly coming for business.

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  • abc
    06-07 05:53 PM
    Can anyone tell when will EB3 India crossover to May 2001 from April 2001 without any new law.

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  • Becks
    01-21 06:47 PM
    This is relevant question and I feel that if recession hits US, consultancy companies may ask people go and work offshore till situation gets better. Most of big consultancy firms have projects from non-US countries so they may utilize people offshore.

    I hope situation wont get that worse. Just a thought.

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  • ksvreg
    04-20 11:24 AM
    I got the RFE letter today. I do not see any LUDs on my portfolio. But I got RFE by mail.

    Here is the extract:
    Your application contained Form I-693 in which the required Tuberculin skin test was not conducted. Please note there may be conflicting information on some published Form I-693 instructions regarding when the Chest X-ray report should be performed. It is required only when the Tuberculin skin test indicates a reaction equal to or greater than 5mm, or when the reason for why the Tuberculin skin test is medically inappropriate to perform has been annotated on the Form I-693. Please submit a newly completed form I-693 indicating the results of the required skin test.

    Please advise.


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    12-11 11:22 PM
    Thanks Nashorn.
    My Biometrics are done couple of months ago and I saw LUD's at that time,I am not sure if my name check is cleared..how do I find out if my name check is cleared ??

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  • neglur
    10-02 10:19 PM
    My 485 application was recieved by R.Cook@NSC too and no receipts or checks cashed yet. My application was delivered on July 18'th. My I-140 was approved on May 11'th 2007 by TSC.


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  • seanl
    08-07 03:22 PM
    I received an RFE that put my I-485 on hold,

    "In order to process your application further you will need to submit the following:

    1. Evidence of your lawful admission or parole into the United States. Such evidence includes, but is not limited to, Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record, or a copy of the nonimmigrant visa page of your passport showing admission to the United States.


    2. If you last entered the United States without inspection, you must submit evidence of your eligibility for adjustment of status under section 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). To be eligible for adjustment under 245(i) of INA, you must be the beneficiary of an immigrant visa petition or application for labor certification filed on or before April 30th, 2001. Unless not required in the instructions for Supplement A, you must pay the required section 245(i) surcharge fee.

    Please submit evidence of eligibility under section 245(i) of INA and a completed and signed Supplement A to Form I-485. Evidence of eligibility includes Form-I797, Notice of Action for Form I-130, I-140, or I-360. This form must have been filed on or before April 30th, 2001. You must have been the beneficiary, spouse of the beneficiary, or eligible childe of the beneficiary. The relationship had to exist on or before April 30th, 2001 or when the petition was filed."

    I came across from Canada when I was five years old as a visitor, did not have a passport as one was not required to enter the U.S. from Canada. When we entered we intended to visit my mothers husband and then all of us go back to Canada. However we decided to stay here. My question is, what can I provide as evidence of entering the United States since I did not have a passport and entered as a visitor so I do not have an I-94, and I believe I dont apply to the 245(i).

    I called Immigration and they mentioned form I-102 to replace I-94, theres an option E on the form that says "I was not issued Form I-94 when I entered as a nonimmigrant, and I am filing this application together with an application for an extension of stay/change of
    status." Would this be the right route? Would I receive an I-94? Is there something else I need to send?

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  • luksy
    10-04 04:06 PM
    i guess it's the commercials...


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  • justted
    12-27 08:15 PM
    Hello :)

    I am currently looking for art and graphics for my vitual pet site and would like to know if you would like to join us.

    We really need some maps, items, pets and other objects made that are unique.

    Please feel free to check it out at http://cyberpetcity.com or contact me here! :)

    Kind Regards

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  • ita
    01-25 08:22 PM
    Please try sending this suggestion to CIS Ombudsman




    Thank you.


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  • whattodo21
    04-20 01:31 PM
    John McCain: Illegal Immigrants 'Intentionally Causing Accidents On The Freeway' (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/04/20/john-mccains-strange-clai_n_544559.html)

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  • payal_nag
    11-27 02:29 PM
    I've read at the vfs website and also the forums that Returning US Workers are qualified to apply for Emergency appoitment. Has anyone on this forum done this and successfully got visa stamped ? Also is there any document needed to support the emergency or just the fact that we have to return to the job is enough to qualify for this category?



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  • deeru
    04-02 12:37 PM
    Hi All,

    Can we get temporary EAD by taking Info Pass? Anybody has experienced this recently...please advise.

    more details :

    My EAD Renewal application receive date is 03/16/2009...I got FT Job offer , but don't have any EAD in hand..company is not willing to transfer H1..I did paper filing...any idea how long its going to take to get the EAD in hand..

    thanks in advance..

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  • gtm228
    05-25 02:29 PM

    I am going to apply for i-485,
    i have birth certificate which is taken in 2005 but I was born in 1974
    some of my friends are saying...as you are born in 1974 and as your
    birth certificate was taken in yr 2005, it might cause problems (ins poseses query)
    to get the green card.
    Is it right?
    They are saying me to get Affidivits + non availability certificate now.
    will it be a problem if I put my birth certificate....while applying for 485

    My advise is to get a Non-availability of birth certificate because an RFE is the last thing you wanna see. My wife tried Allied Legal, India to get Non-availability of birth certificate for her parents. you can try them. They are the immigration attorneys in USA. How to get Non Availability of Birth Certificate in India (http://www.alliedlegalonline.com/Concierge-Birth-Certificate.htm)


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  • njboy
    07-08 09:24 AM
    yes, they can find out if u were on payroll and paid tax

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  • agc2005
    11-14 11:02 AM
    You can find ASC follow the link.



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  • adithi123
    04-22 05:55 PM
    I called up USCIS office. They have confirmed I need to send it to the one on the printout.

    I have got my Receipt Notice

    PS: I hunted on this topic for 20 minutes on the IV forum before I put this post..


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  • Krilnon
    12-01 09:11 PM
    What kind of awesome university do you go to that assigns Flash+Silverlight combo projects?

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  • HuaRhoda
    02-03 02:16 AM
    I have applied for h1 transfer, uscis asking for purchase order.When i check with my employer he told me i have to get into project as soon as possible other wise H1b transfer will be rejected.I have a query? My wife is GC card holder, when she files for me at time of getting her citizenship, will issue occurs due this H1B reject?

    08-22 12:09 PM
    No new PIO card is required unless 15 yrs is up. Get it endorsed with the new passport # on your PIO card from the embassy/consulate.

    06-26 01:16 PM
    1) Since I140 never required the PD to be current how can one explain the backlog on I140 applications? They used to premium process those it in one month.

    2) If 180 days pass since the I485 receipt date but I140 is not yet approved can one use AC21 safely?
    (I understand the risk of having the I140 denied and being out of status. But aside of that... )
    My understanding that the H1B cannot be ported once you have I140 pending without having to redo your I140 and I485.

    The lawyers that created those laws must have been on something ...


    Caution: You are taking Risk!

    Based on Yates memo ( you can google for this), a person with pending I-140
    and I-485 pending for more than 180 days can invoke AC21 provided I-140 is approvable at the time of using AC21. Approvable meaning, if they take up your 140 during AC21, it should be in a position to be approved without RFE's.

    There was a link on Ron's site where he said
    1> if you don't have to worry about ability 2 pay issue, meaning, your company is big
    2> you don't have to justify your qualifications for your EB category. Say, a three year degree and some diploma/certification for EB3 and four year degree and questionable experience for EB2 or a four year degree with diploma/cert that qualifies as masters...Especially Eb2 you have to be careful...Since most jobs doesnt require Eb2 but people apply thru that because they have masters or Bachelors plus five....Don't get me wrong on this...I've seen people in EB2 category doing QA testing. I agree, there are many EB2 that do advanced work....and not just software application development/management.

    If the above two are good, the chances of RFE on I-140 is slim.
    Even if there is one, your old company should co-operate...I believe that is where the risk is....

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