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  • sanju_dba
    09-20 02:01 PM
    not sure if moving to another state is a option...
    but i can think of..
    1) cancel the insurance
    2) apply for another insurance effective from your return date, cancel the existing insurance.
    3) take min liability only
    4) see if they can suspend it for 2 months.

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  • smartboy75
    11-01 07:00 PM
    Depends on the availability of visa numbers at the time of applying for H1 extension...Had you applied for your H1 extension during July17 - Aug17 when dates were 'C'..you are right...you would have got a 1 year extension....

    But if you are from a retrogessed country, then even though you have filed for I-485, there is no visa number available and hence you are eligible for 3 year extension...

    I am assuming you are from either IN/CH/MX/PH and that your PD is not current...

    This is only my interpretation...Kindly consult with a lawyer...

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  • doudou
    02-25 09:03 PM
    Can someone travel with AP with an expired passport? Thank you.

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  • angelfire76
    08-02 02:33 PM
    "TUCKER: But he does make a point. You can -- you've got to create jobs for these people so that when they come out -- the Vacaduar (ph), for example, says 40 percent of the engineers at Duke end up not going into engineering because the salaries aren't there when they graduate. They go into investment banking. "

    As far as I know Boeing, NASA, Raytheon etc. who recruit candidates from West Coast and some East Coast schools, pay great salaries to fresh graduates who are US citizens. If engineers expect to be making anything close to the bloated salaries in Finance, they are in the wrong major.
    Doesn't it still mean that there's a shortage of people willing to work in Engineering and they have to import that talent?

    It's like the time in school, when the only people willing to work in on-campus restaurant jobs like Subway, Wendys etc. were desis or Chinese: because the salary per hr was minimum wage and lot of American kids felt its beneath them to work there. It did create a shortage of people in that line.

    I frankly don't understand the line of reasoning followed by Lou Dobbs & Co.


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  • krishnam70
    02-23 10:19 AM
    I want to transfer my H1 , I got aproject . But I dont have Jan Pay stub . I have up to Dec 2008. will it cause any problem for transferuess

    I guess your question has been answered many times.. If you do manage to get the H1 filed there will definitely be an RFE. Instead please try to speak to your employer and get the pay for the time you were off the project as he is legally supposed to pay your salary even if you were off project. You can always request payroll's run for backdated wages. If you are not able to convince your employer to pay you file a complaint against them at DOL and then apply for H1 transfer with supporting information so that the USCIS gets to know that it is not due to a fault of yours that you are unable to produce the pay stubs

    - cheers

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  • raysaikat
    07-08 07:32 PM
    My H1b application was delivered to USCIS on July 1st. I just find FLC data center has updated new 2008-2009 prevailing wage database which is also effective on July 1st. If based on the previous 2007-2008 database, my salary is above the prevailing wage, but if based on the new one, my salary is a little below that one.
    Which database whill USCIS choose to use on my case?

    Sounds like the new one.


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  • ganguteli
    04-07 09:48 AM
    I have 2 lawyers to select from. Both are good. One of them is the lawyer company (his office locate in the same city) which is the most expensive. The other lawyer is really good and his expenses is pretty good.

    My question is that: Is it better to stuck with the company lawyer as he can handle the perm better. That may because he knows well where to advertise? Or it does not matter? I am just worried that the lawyer that live in another state will not know very well about the city and where he should advertise.

    As anyone think, I also want to make sure that he does not over advertise such that we may get many applicants?

    Please advise me if I should stuck with the company lawyer or it does not matter?
    Your lawyer cannot advertise. It is illegal. Your employer has to advertise. The lawyer works with your employer in the Perm process and your employer selects the candidate. So you do not control anything in the PERM process. Also, your employer needs to pay for Perm process and not you.

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  • Alice141
    03-26 02:52 AM
    Hi All,

    I would like to ask if it is possible, and how long does it take if so, for
    my parents who live in India to visit me in the UK, then we all apply
    for tourist visas for my brother's marriage in the US.

    I have indefinite leave to remain in the UK but am not a citizen yet.

    The earlies times for appointment for an interview for my parents
    in India is 4 months! whereas my brother will be getting married in 3...

    Is it possible for them to get the tourist visa for US from here in the UK?
    How long would that take if applicable?

    Thanks all very much,


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  • gcharry
    11-11 07:46 PM
    Hi, Last August 07, I have applied for 140 & 485 and have a priority date of Feb 2005. I got married in July 08. Now, I can't apply 485 for my spouse as dates are not current. My 140 got approved. I am just worried that My 485 might get approved before I could apply 485 for my spouse. And no one knows when 485 date will be current again. Any ideas? Any one is in my situation?

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  • indyanguy
    08-17 04:30 PM
    Thanks for your reply. What does DMV care about to decide till when the license will be valid?

    1. H1 visa on the passport
    2. H1 approval notice
    3. Can I show them the AP?


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  • smithshn
    05-07 09:10 AM
    Yes,.net framework give access to complete functionality of Windows OS.
    .Net can support many applications of the windows.
    There is different languages which provide by the microsoft like c++,c#,vc++,vb,etc...
    You can develop any application by using this programming languages.

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  • rajeshalex
    07-31 01:09 PM
    Hi All,

    My labor says
    1) College Degree Required: Masters or equivalent *
    2) Major Field of Study :Engineering/Math/MIS
    3)Other Special Requirements:
    * Will accept Bachelors + 5 years of exp in lieu of Masters
    * Computer Science or related field.

    I have done Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from India ( 4 year)
    1 Do I need to do an education evaluation for this
    2 Do I need to do a course by course or degree evaluation
    3 Can someone recommend the cheapest/low cost ones

    Thank You all

    Rajesh Alex


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  • wandmaker
    04-01 10:01 PM
    Hello everyone,

    According to my immigration-lawyer, I have received a notice for interview. I filed under EB2 category and only my and my wife's I-485 is pending. I had friends who got their GC without the interview, but i got called of an interview, so I was wondering why i got called for an interview-any specific reasons that some of us get called for an interview?

    Another questions is; i read some blogs and almost all the people who were called for an interview seem to get a list of documents from the INS to take along for the interview. My attorney didnot mention anything about the list, so do all interview notices come with the document list or is it normal to not have one?

    Please any insight in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    There has been a lengthy discussion on the same topic few months back, use IV search. BTW, please fill in your profile - no profile often leads no response.

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  • raysaikat
    10-04 11:13 AM
    I entered this country (US) on a F1 visa. I've completed my masters and during my post-completion OPT I was offered a job by a company who filed my H1. It was approved in Nov 09 and was valid until Nov 2012. But in Apr 2010 I was laid off and since H1 doesn't have any grace period and I couldn't find an employer ready for a transfer, so I changed my status back to F1. I'm currently working for an IT consulting company (full time) at their client location. The client would like to hire me full time. But since I'm working on my CPT, and do not have a valid H1 visa is it possible that the Client can simply transfer my existing H1 or do they have to file a new H1 as my status has changed. Please suggest as I'm very Confused how to deal with this situation as I do not want to lose an opportunity. Also please do throw some light on any grey areas if present.



    There is nothing called "transfer". Every H1-B petition is a new petition. Your employer has to submit a petition on your behalf. Since you have already been counted towards the quota once within the last 6 years, you will not be subject to the quota again.

    �(7) Any alien who has already been counted within the 6 years prior to the approval of a petition described in subsection (c), toward the numerical limitations of paragraph (1)(A) shall not again be counted toward those limitations unless the alien would be eligible for a full 6 years of authorized admission at the time the petition is filed. Where multiple petitions are approved for 1 alien, that alien shall be counted only once.�.


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  • swaroopmukka
    07-24 05:50 PM

    My Present H1B stamp is with company A and expires November 20 2007. Now I'm with company B and with this I have my petetion (H1B approval) which expires June 20 2008. Now I'm travelling to India for my marriage and coming back September 8. I'm not getting the new stamp this time. Will I have any problem during the immigration ??

    Also with my present papers, my wife would be attending her visa Interview on Sep 4. Will there be any problem for her at the interview ???

    Thanks in Advance

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  • zCool
    04-02 01:51 PM


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  • silverfishy
    05-06 05:27 PM
    Need advice on my birth certificate matter.

    I have my birth certificate. My DOB is correct on it along with Date of its registration (DOB+5 days).
    My father's name and mother's name is not spelt exactly the same as in my passport.

    my father's name has an extra "bhai" in the name. xxxxbhai yyyyy zzzzz
    my mother's name has only her first name and not her full name. aaaaa

    My passport has thier correct full names.

    What kind of document(s) would i need to submit in order for me to use thier names listed on the passport? Could this cause an issue?

    OR am I preparing for no reason?

    Thanks for all your help,


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  • radduri
    03-17 02:23 PM
    Thank you very much for your reply. but finally whats your conclusion whether can i able to start work with my client or not. please tell me the process how to make this work it out.


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  • jignesh5
    07-15 01:56 AM
    Please see this..


    sorry for repost.

    08-22 01:49 PM
    any suggestion by IV core ?


    10-04 04:13 PM
    How soon before the passport expiry can we go for the renewal?

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