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  • ZeroComplexity
    03-13 03:11 PM
    IV members should take the moral high ground refrain from making frivolous calls to USCIS, so that genuine issues get addressed quickly by USCIS.

    You don't want to be holding up the lines over a LUD when someone is waiting for a USCIS customer rep over a denied I-485.

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  • maddipati1
    10-11 07:36 PM
    filed on Aug08th, even EAD cards ordered :D

    its kinda not a FIFO so take it easy
    especially those who filed between Jul2-Jul17 its delayed.

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  • jnraajan
    03-14 04:03 PM
    IV Members from Nebraska,

    I think it is time we started our own chapter in NE and get the action going. Members from Nebraska, please respond.

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  • bobzibub
    10-04 03:27 PM
    you can also change employers immediately. Your spouse is the primary applicant, and hte 180 day AC21 rule applies to her. You can:
    - use EAD whenever you want
    - change jobs whenever you want
    - change job profile however you want.

    - can use EAD whenever she wants
    - change jobs after 180 days
    - change onto a job in the same or similar profile.

    Now if the secondary applicant also has a 140/485 application filed this means that he or she should wait for six months also.. I have an EAD (as of yesterday) from my wife's application. Mine is just the 485 -- no EADs/APs etc. If I contract on the side with my EAD (invalidating my H1b) does my employer find out? Am I obligated to tell?



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  • dhesha
    04-15 04:24 PM
    LC Sub/EB2 with PD June 2001 filed on July 27 with RD of Sept 8 got approved y'day. 140 filed on July 5th was approved on jan. no RFE, all were smooth.

    I was afraid because of my last years on L1B and filed H1b though this year quota and not sure if i'm lucky to have a number lottery. This gave me major relaxation.

    Best of luck you all.

    Had 1 Soft LUD on Jan 31 on 485 application.

    USCIS is doing a great job thank to IV to make these possible.

    NJoy the USCIS broken system of LC SUB buddy.
    We (Non-LC-SUB) are not so lucky and are stuck for more than 8 years in it and still no hope.
    Nothing against you -- its just that you need to be lucky to take the right decision otherwise you will be punished like many of us.

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  • vss
    02-22 02:50 PM
    People are destroying this country by converting the illegal�s into legal�s. All these illegal�s and whoever is supporting them should be deported. If you want to live in US, follow the rules, if you want to break rules, live somewhere else.


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  • eastindia
    12-30 02:23 PM
    It does not look good. Has been oral arguments for some time now.

    Any updates? Did they move forward from the oral

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  • sammielee
    07-01 10:56 PM
    In Canada, most people get a short version of their birth certificate. This is what I had and what was submitted. There is a long version, like a registration certificate, that most Canadians don't carry around and wouldn't order and that is now what USCIS requires. I didn't know that until the very end of my meeting for permanent residency. On the sheet/notification, it says that I have 90 days to submit the document, the long form of the birth certificate as "failure to comply with this request will be deemed grounds for denial of your application for lack of presecution". Although I immediately requested my birth certificate from the Canadian government, I have had to fight to get it pushed through fast enough and they now tell me it's processed but somewhere in the mail. I'm down to the last couple of days with no way of knowing where it is.


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  • guyfromsg
    09-08 03:04 PM
    Hello Georgia members. Thanks for everyone who is joining the rally. I've created a googlegroup for the GA member. Please join this group.


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  • JAFO
    04-15 11:06 PM
    Well, I finally got a hold of an actual human on the main USCIS number. They confirmed only that the office is open on Fridays for appointments. That means I am hitting the road to Milwaukee.
    Thanks for the help. I determined that the website has different info for ASC and what is called the Field Office. Unfortunately, it's not clear and led to my confusion. Hope it all works out. Thanks again. JAFO.


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  • bkshres
    10-27 04:26 PM
    I paid $350 to my attorney. However there is no filing fee.

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  • crystal
    07-01 08:53 AM
    are u sure about it ?
    Ya thats true but these people must return these GC's as they were processe by mistake, anyday they figure it out these guys will be out of US ....


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  • aim-high
    03-25 08:34 AM

    Thanks for your reply.

    See according to the consulate, they say the following
    passport or travel document valid for at least three months after visa expiry date

    In this case, they mean the schengen visa expiration date. For example, if I am travelling from April 1 to April 20th, they will give me visa only upto April 20th. They want my AP to have expiration atleast 3 months from April 20th (which will be July 20th) but my AP is expiring on April 10th.

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  • Nil
    03-24 11:04 PM
    'Saw Fareed Zakaria mention the topic in GPS on Sunday.
    Matt Frei questioned Eric Schmidt in BBC world news America yesterday. he responded it being one of the most stupid laws this country has ever had.

    Smart ones are picking up - hopefully things will change over time.


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  • ajobha
    08-02 11:43 AM
    hi guyz,

    Please advise on this issue: I work for a engineering software company. Currently I work as a 'Technical Support Engineer', but my company has offered me a position of 'Sales Engineer'. I have already applied for my I-485, but have not received a notice yet. If I start working in the sales position, will this affect my GC application? Would the USCIS know about my change of duties, if my 'salary' and 'position title' remains the same? Please reply. Response will be highly appreciated!


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  • niklshah
    11-11 10:29 PM
    i am trying to renew my passport, do we need to fill the form online and than submit it online or we have to print, instructions are confusing..pls help out


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  • sreddy80
    10-23 10:21 PM
    this I 140 is applied by old employer but did not share the receipt# and no 485 was applied that time. I want to port the PD from that I140 to the current I140/I485. For that purpose, I need the copy of old I140.

    I just applied the FOIA and just crossed my fingers. Lets see how it goes...

    Thanks for all your radvise and support!

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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    08-24 08:55 AM
    Mam Thank god..Atlast someone has responded. I live in Williamsville. I am the only one righht now. We will rent a car and try to get some 3 more guys. I will pm my contact no.


    I am from Buffalo, i would like to come .. i am not sure yet.
    how many are coming from buffalo?

    PD - March 2003
    i485 RD - august 2003
    CSC to NSC - March, 2007
    waiting for GC

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  • satishku_2000
    05-16 10:38 PM
    We can all hope for the best, Is this an attempt by some vested interests to kill the H1b altogether and kick out all H1bs slowly?

    09-10 02:44 PM
    Can we go to local USCIS office and get new I94.Does that resolve the issue.

    No, CIS local offices don't do this. There is no mistake on the I-94, so the only way to change it is as described in the prior answer.

    03-11 05:52 PM

    Good morning, Mr. Bawa :)

    People have talked about it and forgotten already:


    ...and are already talking about May bulletin now:


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