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  • sircaustic
    05-13 09:49 PM
    If you have a receipt as proof that an extension application was filed on your behalf before expiration of your H1 then you have 240 days starting from the day your visa expires before you should get an extension. You will be out of status if your case is not resolved in the 240 days deadline. I cannot comment on the implications of missing out on a deadline for responding to the RFE.

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  • gcformeornot
    02-19 06:10 PM

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  • perm2gc
    09-13 01:22 PM
    If we do premium process, does this increase the change of rejection?

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  • number30
    08-23 07:26 PM
    I am currently on H1b and I have applied for an extension around July 14th. My i-94 is expiring on
    Sept 20th. My husband is currently on F-1. I wanted to find out in case my H1b visa is rejected, will
    I have to immediately leave the country. Would it be possible for me to convert to F-2 while being in US
    in case my H1-B gets rejected?

    Convert H1 into Premium. You need to get the results before Sept-20. So that you can apply for F2 visa.


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  • perm2gc
    09-06 01:07 PM
    Her petetion is filed in May. And she travelled out of USA last month. So you need to do is to start working and get a visa stamp of H1 when you go out of the country. Can you please stop advertising on the board about your company..

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  • chandra140
    07-25 07:34 AM
    I have my H1B stamped visa from company A,and is valid till September 2010.I came to India in August 2009 and planning to come back to US in the next month.

    Meanwhile i have filed for a H1B tranfer to company B in April'2010 and it was approved in last week.

    My question is can i come back to US on my stamped visa from Company A.Is that still valid even after my transfer was approved to Company B ?.
    Do i have any problems at port of entry to us ?.

    Or do i need to go for H1B stamping for Company B.

    please tell me what are my options.any help is greatly appreciated.


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  • mchokshi
    01-26 06:19 PM
    I am planning to visit India during May 2011. I am working in multinational company as civil engineer (on H1-B). I have PhD from US uni. I am reading a lot about visa stamping probs these days. Please help me taking decision whether to take chance (& visit India) or not. will appreciate any advises especially from ppl with such recent experience. Thanks.

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  • gcpool
    04-18 06:49 PM


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  • The7zen
    02-06 11:08 AM
    You are welcome. One more thing if its only B1 he cannot come in as B2 (Tourist Visa). Hope this helps. Cheers, Rayoflight

    Thanks again Rayoflight...
    just got this info from him, he has
    Visa: R
    Type/Class: B1/B2 ....looks like he should be fine.


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  • askreddy
    06-18 01:05 AM

    I was staying in Oregon.I am working in CA for the last one month.
    My family still stays in Oregon and will continue there. We also moved to diff apt one month back in Oregon. ( In the same apt complex/zipcode)

    I will stay here in CA for couple of months.

    Can I give the present address in Oregon for all of my family members Since my family still staying there.

    Do I need to give my present address for me in CA. I may be moving to diff apts here depending on project/confort.

    Pls advice.


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  • samuel5028
    04-26 03:04 AM
    Hi ,
    my experience with O visa is that paperwork, presentation, previous track record of the lawyer with USCIS is critical

    so in this case, absorbing the 5000 cost difference may be a good idea

    Of course you can always ask your employer if they are willing to take that hit but as you know you have a 50 % chance there at the best

    So decision is yours
    If you're confident, you always have a change to get cleared everything.

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  • when
    02-29 12:41 PM
    The online status shows a different date than the receipt date my lawyer is telling me. I am july filer......the lawyer telling me july date and online shows sept date.......
    Is this normal?
    Thank You


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  • andycool
    07-02 10:36 AM
    Hi All,

    I got my COS from H4 to F1 approved in first semester itself (Fed-2010), now my questions is I don�t have plans for going to India in next couple of years so after completing my masters can I apply for OPT without having the F1 Visa stamping OR should I have to get F1 Visa stamping in India in order to get the OPT after my masters.

    You can get OPT after completion of your masters program you don't need visa for OPT .


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  • amitga
    02-27 01:36 PM
    No wonder you joined IV today.

    how far do u think the PD will advance id the DOL hopefully eliminates all backlog by 2007?

    DO u think the PD will move forward by months,years?any Ideas?


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  • gparr
    November 14th, 2004, 07:18 PM
    While photographing in the Japanese garden in Portland, OR, I unintentionally captured most, if not all, of the stone lanterns that are dispersed throughout the grounds. Here are my three favorites. More in my gallery. Comments appreciated.

    2 sec. at f/22 and 25mm using the EFS 18-55

    1/4 sec. at f/8 at 22mm using the EFS 18-55

    1/20 sec. at f/8 and 35mm using the EFS 18-55

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    05-20 09:23 AM
    GC is for future employment. So if your current employer have no problems you can just transfer your H1B to your client and start working for the client. Later when your PD is current you can add your wife.


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  • apimvoice
    07-18 11:11 AM
    No I didn't point out anything just im sharing the data.And waiting for EB2 to be current.I don't know how the smily comes next to PD?

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  • looivy
    09-01 05:13 PM

    I work for company X and in my 9th year H1-B visa. X has filed for my Eb-3 labor and I-140 and I am currently AOS (July 07 filer) on my I-485. X recently extended my H1 through Oct 2012.

    I have an offer from company Y. Company Y is asking me if I want H1 extension or H1 transfer? What should I answer them. Which one ensures that I have a 3 year extension. Please advise ASAP.


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  • siddar
    03-29 09:46 AM

    I changed employer in 2010 so my wife got new H4 valid until 03/2013 ( I-94 valid until 03/2013). She traveled to India last year and while returning she did not show her new H4 approval to immigration office so got I-94 until 08/2011 (old H4 was stamped until 08/2011).
    My question is does she need to file I-539 for I-94 extension? If yes, process is similar like any other(B1, B2) extension? I appreciate any kind of help.


    You might want to try CBP deferred inspection. For further details, go through the link below:

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection - Contacts (http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/toolbox/contacts/deferred_inspection/)

    Talk to any CBP site at nearby International Airport, and tell them that "while entering I've submitted all the documents, but the I-94 was given based on the old petition".
    If one site denies, then try another site. Otherwise, you need to submit the application to USCIS to extend the I-94.

    05-13 05:47 PM
    Can anyone tell me how serious this is?
    We filled out all paperwork and forwarded to the lawyers 3 weeks ago, who filed it for us.

    As I'm writing out a proxy for my dad to vote in my homecountry in upcoming elections, I somehow realize I wrongly entered his birthday on the G-325A, I put down June 6th, rather then June 8th. (got confused mixing it up with my husband's birthday)
    Totally stupid :o, I know, I know. I'm so worried over this now, I can't sleep anymore, I can't eat anymore :(.

    Of course I have already filled out a corrected G-325A & forwarded it to the lawyers handling our applications, but what could the consequences be? I'm so worried!

    This was just a mistake made in a moment of not paying attention. :( :(

    08-18 05:22 PM
    PD is Nov 2004 (transferred from a previous EB2 filing).
    RD is July 29, 2007

    May be they want to approve your both I-140 and I-485, but I-485 may be missing something, so they issue an RFE. It may be the case that your I-140 can be approved. If it is as simple as Birth Certificate, then they may approve both your I-140 and I-1485 after you reply RFE.

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