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  • neeidd
    10-15 11:44 PM
    I had the same experience. However, my POE was Miami. No questions asked. My spouse and I just waited (with our USC daughter) in secondary inspection till they called my name and handed over our papers to me.
    Thanks for your response

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  • anurakt
    01-14 06:30 PM
    I think we may have spoken about this , but here is my question :

    My wife has her passpot with visa stamped till June 2007 from my previous company. She has a new I-94 extended till 2008 July. She will be going to India in March and will be back in May (before June 2007 expiry of the visa on her passport). Here are my questions :

    1. Will at the port of entry she would get the June 2007 on her I-94 or the extension I-94 date of July 2008. I know it will depend on the POE officer, but I want to know what has been the experience of such cases...?

    2. In case she gets June 2007 on the I-94 at POE, can I get it corrected at the local CBP office to July 2008 after she is home here in US? Remember it's not a mistake by the POE officer but he/she giving preference to visa stamp and not the extension paper ?

    3 Does it make sense for my wife to remind before hand about the extension at the POE and argue it ? Has anybone done that and is it safe ?

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  • webm
    05-31 11:51 AM

    Do you guys know how long does it take to get EAD/AP renewed? I understand you are eligible to apply for renewal 120 days before the end date.


    Made $100 one-time contribution.

    For us it took approx 1 month -- paper field @ (TSC)

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  • rameshk75
    02-12 03:14 PM
    Am working for a GC sponsoring company and applied for 485 in August 2007 and received EAD, AP etc...

    Can i change the company with a H1B transfer and invoking AC21? Am not willing to move to EAD.. My current H1B is valid until Sep'09.

    Pls suggest the possiblities..


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  • glus
    02-16 08:56 AM
    I had a very similar situation when i applied for a load a year ago. The loan officer was puzzled with my immigration status. He initially pre-approved the load and then he called and said that the bank can't approved due to my immigration status. However, the deny letter did not say that and said that the reason for denial was a completely different one. I spoke to a lawyer regarding this and he said that as long as I don't have immigration status / or origin of mine as the reason of denial in writing, I don't have a case. And, he said, immigration status can be taken into consideration when applying for a loan. As such, I re-aplied in a different bank and had no issues whatsoever.

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  • amar123
    07-19 04:02 AM
    Hi All,
    I have a question regarding the status check of the 485 process. Does USCIS change the Updated date (maybe a soft LUD) before approval/completion of processing of 485 on the Case Status.

    I know its a yes/no/maybe not always kinda answer but I wanted to check with those who already had approved 485s if they had noticed updates before the Approval. If yes, what is the usual timeframe after the update when the approval has been noticed.
    I am sure, like me :) you must have kept checking the Case Status page like crazy once the dates were current so, please respond and I am sure many will benefit from your responses.

    I am sure, many of you who are still waiting like me,already have friends who went thru this process, so, even your inputs are welcome.



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  • msp1976
    05-19 04:24 PM
    I want to start a new thread But donot know how to...

    Core Team,

    As you know there are a number of applications stuck in PBEC and DBEC.
    These are operated by Exceed corporation. I have a proposal that I urge you consider. Please send a memorandum from IV to exceed corporation stating that if we donot see faster results from the backlog elimination centers we would urge the senators to exclude Exceed Corporation from getting any contracts from Federal government originating from CIR..

    This should light some fire under PBEC and DBEC...

    Please do this to bring some relief for folks stuck in the BECs.....

    Moderators please make this a separate thread.....

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  • gc_chahiye
    07-13 10:48 AM
    What about ... "Allow 485 apps based on original July bulletin(accept July filers only)"

    yeah. also, allow EAD+AP if I140 is approved, but dont allow 485 filing.


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  • kevinkris
    09-22 01:01 PM
    it will not effect your GC..

    what do you base this on

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  • gc_chahiye
    08-15 04:57 AM
    Greencard fever -why take so much pain with your gc when you plan to rellocate to india/currently its even hard to predict when can one receive the gc. One can always visit US on tourist visa which is the most easy part. My opinion is only if one does not want to settle in US -

    there could be issues getting a tourist visa (non-immigration intent) once you have filed your I-140 here and displayed immigration intent.


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  • senthil1
    06-30 10:46 AM
    Why do you want labor substituion at this time when they are discontinuing for fraud? Are you working same company or joining the company for just labor substitution?
    If you are waiting for long time for Gc then you can take risk. But if you are in US just for 1 or 2 years you have lot of time to get GC. If you are getting the labor in same company you are working now probably ok. But if you have too many uncertanities then it is better not to use it.

    Thanks all. I think the labor only says BS + min 3 years experience in related field. What are the chances that if I proceed on Monday, I will get an RFE on this? And would there be anyway I could respond to that RFE successfully?

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  • ohguy
    02-12 10:42 PM
    No I did not receive any RFE earlier to this. It was in that Initial Review status all the time.


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  • insbaby
    11-15 12:37 PM

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  • martinvisalaw
    01-11 02:31 PM
    The company should really have changed your husband to H-1B before the end of his 6th year in L-1 status. You count L-1 and H-1B time together to get a maximum of 6 years H-1B. Since he has almost used 6 years, and the cap has been reached for h-1Bs, he cannot change now. If the permanent residence (PR) process had been filed before the end of his 5th year, and he had changed to H-1B, he could get 7th+ year H-1B extensions while the PR process was ongoing. Unfortunately, there are no such extensions for L-1 holders, so that once they reach the end of their maximum stay, they must leave.

    The company could file for your husband's PR while he is outside the US, and this is worth discussing.


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  • muthukmk
    08-03 06:01 PM
    To pd_recapturing

    My I140 was approved after I filed my 485. Can I still use interfiling?

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  • sent4dc
    08-26 04:28 AM
    Thanks for the insight guys!
    What if you donot apply and you donot get EAD by Jan 08, you can still stay legally but wont be able to work without EAD.I will still be able to work if I have my H1B extension, right?

    Check with your lawyer. Extension beyond 6 yrs is not available if you are eligible to apply for I485. If you are not able to apply for 485 because of retrogression, you can extend your H1 beyond 6 yrs (of course, it doesnt apply to you).Well, if I checked with the lawyer, I wouldn't be here, would I? :) I did not really understand your point. What if my I-140 is being processed and it takes them a hole lot of time for that and my legal status is expiring -- what am I supposed to do in that situation?


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  • paskal
    12-14 12:41 AM
    Hi all,

    Between this thread and the main chapter thread, we have now accumulated a handful of members, looks like we are all set to be an active chapter!
    couple of things:

    1. IV IL chapter has invited us to their conference call, please check the thread called "Members in MN" under the IV agenda forum, if anyone can participate and report back here it would be great.

    2. Conference Call: Anyone have dates or times in mind? btw pappu, question for you: does iv have a way of facilitating these calls?

    Looking forward to hearing from you all, together we will surely achieve our objectives...


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  • eager_immi
    08-09 11:47 AM
    I think it is useful to state search the forum so that people stop asking questions which really irritates other people since it has been discusses in detail in several threads. Let the guy ask. I see a couple of times somebody asking a question, and instead of answering people ask to search at the forum first....
    why not just respond if possible or just ignore. I think posting a reply to say to search first is not very usefull at all.

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  • Prashanthi
    03-26 05:46 PM
    The law is very clear in this matter, you can travel while an extension is pending you cannot travel if you have filed for a change of status.
    Travel outside the United States while an extension of stay application is pending with the Service is not considered an abandonment of the application, and, as a result, the extension request may be granted notwithstanding the trip abroad. Keep in mind that the extension applicant may have problems returning to the U.S. if his or her visa has expired. In this cases, he or she will need to obtain a new H-1B nonimmigrant visa abroad before returning to the United States.

    06-30 01:08 PM

    I just checked online.. my status is showing follwoing message:
    (This I-485 was a denied case earlier. But suddenly they Transferred my case in last month and now I see this status today).


    Current Status: Case reopened or reconsidered based on USCIS determination, and the case is now pending.

    We reopened this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS on June 29, 2009, and are now reviewing our earlier decision. We also mailed you a notice describing the next steps in the process. Please follow any instructions on this notice. Our review should be completed within 30 days. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service.

    Can someone please shed some light on this.

    07-26 09:52 PM
    Please see the update in Oh law's site

    Under the update July 2007 VB, visa number was unable for the entire July 2007. It remained such until July 17, 2007 when both DOS and USCIS reversed their positions. There could be some 104(c) H-1B three-year extension petitions filed in July bore the 17th. Since the July 2007 VB has been reversed and remains "current" in July, it will remain a challenging issue for these filers. Those who file after July 17, 2007 and before August 1, 2007 may not be entitled to the benefit of 104(c) extension. Accordingly, those who need three-year extension under 104(c) should not file the H-1B extension until after August 1, 2007 to obtain three year extension, even though they will have to pay the increased filing of $320 rather than the current $190. In August, the EB visa number will remain "unavailable" for the entire EB classifications, presenting the best opportunity to file such 104(c) three-year increment H-1B extension petition. What a twist and irony of the development of events?

    This is new to me. Can you please indicate the site address of this memo?

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