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  • grupak
    07-02 10:19 AM
    Do I have give all I-94s cards on departure from US or only the one attached to the passport? Of course all are having the same number.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

    I made copies, clipped them together and handed to the airline agent. Unlike in the past, airline agents are more aware of and careful about the immigration documents.

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  • arnet
    11-02 12:33 PM
    if you need attroney, i can suggest few like rajivkhanna at immigration.com, sheila murthy at murthys.com, sonal mehta at nankin.com/mehtaverma.html, shusterman at shusterman.com. if they are out of state people, you can do teleconference.

    if you have any legal advise questions, you can post your question to the attroney sonal mehta vema who gives free legal counsel in IV forum, check the following threads to know how to post a question:


    Disclaimer: use it at your risk. I'm not an immigration attroney, consult one for your situations as laws/procedures are changing often.

    I am in NYC. My wife's attorney Stephen Perlitsh, is just too busy to give us some career guidance and cancels our appointments in last moment. I have no problem paying a good fee if I can get a real good prefessional advice, it is very essential for us in this retrogressed scenerio.

    R u specilising in Residencies and fellowships etcc?? I will PM u though.

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  • vinabath
    03-17 04:30 PM
    1. your employer has to proffer you a position which has either BS+5 or advanced degree as minimum requirement.
    2. you accept it and ask your employer to start the GC process.
    3. your employer applies for Labor Certification for the proffered position.
    4. your employer applies for 140 for the cleared labor. here the employer requests the USCIS to use the earlier PD of your approved EB3 140

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  • h1techSlave
    03-28 08:32 PM
    6800 Canadians immigrate to the US?? I wonder what is their motivation?

    I am happy that no EB visa got wasted in 2007. The first time in the last few years?


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  • starving_dog
    09-02 06:11 PM
    Legalese for "We have no clue what is going on. Please bear with us for the next decade while we figure it out."

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  • jumanji4u
    03-23 09:30 AM
    Hi immigration Gurus,

    I am in kind of situation where I need the guidance from the experts and knowledgeable . I was working for a company A(IT Product development company) who filed my GC around FEB 2007 in EB2, Aug 2007 filed my I140 and I485 concurrently, In Oct 2008, I left the A Company and moved to Company B on H1B,the company B immigration lawyers did not file AC21, as there reason was we don't want to get unnecessary attention on the GC process and told if any any RFE we will look at it, right now I got a good offer with Company C and have to move for a better medical insurance. Looking at the GC Labour petition, it is given as a product manager with the Company A and the OES code is pointing to some manufacturing production manager as there is no such as product manager in the computer OES code. Right now the company C I am moving is a Technical Lead position, so how to go about or is there any advice for this, if I am moving on the EAD and how to file the AC21 so that I don't get any RFE.

    Your guidance is greatly apprecaite.



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  • imcdude
    09-15 08:28 AM
    Given that you filed in Dec 2002, it is very possible that your labor petition has already been certified or at least adjudicated.

    You need to talk to your company/HR and get this resolved. Impress on them the importance of knowing the status of your petition.

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  • hiren_vataliya
    05-30 05:42 AM
    I am Hiren Working as software developer.
    I have resign from company last week,
    But company don't given me experience letter , relieving letter.
    company simply refused my request and said to not possible.
    In another company required this letter.
    Also Company using illegal pirated software to make product ..
    What i have to do?
    What action i should take for this?
    Kindly help me ...


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  • ChalapathiChitturi
    07-22 03:23 AM
    I got my I-140 (EB3) approved with the priority date of November-2004.

    I applied another Labor (EB2) in Feb 2007. When applygin for I-140 for this labor, my lawyer forgot to use the approved I-140 for getting the old priority date (Nov 2004 priority). So, I got the I-140 approval for EB2 case with Feb 2007 Priority date.

    Now, can the lawyer change the priority date on the I-140 (EB2) to Nov 2004 using the previous I-140.

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  • sorcerer666
    02-03 06:44 PM
    Yes it is


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  • ronhira
    08-02 09:45 PM

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  • vsuri
    11-16 08:14 PM
    Yes, you will need an Advance Parole or an appropriate visa to enter the US from Canada. AP approvals are taking close to 3 months these days so you should e-file your application ASAP. Also, call USCIS at (800) 375 - 5283 to expedite your application once you have the receipt number since you need to travel at such a short notice.

    Some people have had luck contacting their congress representative as well.
    United States House of Representatives, 111th Congress, 2nd Session (http://www.house.gov/)
    (enter your zip code at the top left of this web site to find your congress rep)


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  • interfile
    08-19 04:07 PM
    Is it possible to convert or interfile an existing EB based I-485 application to FB based I-485?

    I have pending I-485 through an approved I-140 (EB). PD is not current. I recently got married and my spouse is a US Citizen. We are considering pursueing FB application. Reading through the forums I gather that my spouse has to file I-130 and I file for I-485. My question is regarding I-485.

    If I have to file for a new I-485, what happens to the existing one? Do I have to get new medical exam? Can I use existing AP, EAD or can I use EAD/AP that I currently have from my EB based application?

    If an interfiling is possible, when should this be done - concurrently along with I-130 filing or we have to wait till I-130 is approved? Also what is the procedure for "interfiling"?

    Which option is better?

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  • gcdreamer05
    09-12 10:07 AM
    Hi all!
    Wat would be the status of F1 student (OPT) mother of a US born baby after her visa expires, who is a single parent???

    Well you have sufficient time for the OPT to finish, but say you are at the end of your OPT you need to find a job which does h1b so that you have a valid visa status (or) continue your education so that you have another study visa.

    Say you want to go back to your home country, then make sure you have proper visa for your kid to enter your home country. Say your home country is India, then you need to file PIO Card for your kid or get a indian visa for your kid before you enter your home country, because your kid is a US Citizen and needs permit to enter in to your home country.


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  • santb1975
    03-14 06:43 PM
    This is awesome

    IV Members from Nebraska,

    I think it is time we started our own chapter in NE and get the action going. Members from Nebraska, please respond.

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  • santb1975
    03-14 06:43 PM
    This is awesome

    IV Members from Nebraska,

    I think it is time we started our own chapter in NE and get the action going. Members from Nebraska, please respond.


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    09-27 07:36 AM
    My Father is applying for Citizenship in Nov 10. If he becomes Citizen then can I file I485 under F3(married sons and daughters of citizen parents). Category and port priority date of May 03 from my employment base I-485 to I-485 under F3?

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  • H1bslave
    01-04 09:33 AM
    I PMed you the insurances I have for my business.


    I have just registered my company and would like to know what business insurance i would need to do software consulting. Can anyone please help me out.


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  • GCard_Dream
    10-06 11:26 AM
    This is not the fence bill. This is the DHS appropriations bill in which 1.2 billion dollar is allocated for fence building. Anyways. it doesn't matter if the fence bill is signed or not. It's not gonna make any difference to us so why worry about it.

    Sorry if this is already posted.

    on CNN politics section with title

    "Bush tries to shift focus from war, Foley scandal"

    Homeland security bill signed
    After his remarks, Bush stepped outside on a patio with a view of Camelback Mountain to sign a $34.8 billion bill to fund homeland security. The bill includes $1.2 billion for about 700 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border, along with vehicle barriers, lighting and infrared cameras to help catch people sneaking across.

    02-03 02:36 PM
    I just finished completing the online DS 10 form. I was expecting to answer to question
    �Has Anyone Ever Filed an Immigrant Visa Petition on Your Behalf?� but it didn�t ask me this. My I-140 is approved and I am in 7th year of H1B so was going to answer �Yes� to it.

    Has this question been removed from DS-160?

    04-05 04:12 PM
    I have sent an e-mail requesting the call number

    Thanks gsc999

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