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  • ghost
    09-19 04:05 PM
    If any IV member works in the university, could you find out if there are any Indian and chineese assistant professors that have joined in the recent past. Such people might have applied in EB2 through university and will be retrogressed.

    Also pls get in touch with post-docs in your universities and inform them about IV. Hopefully some of them might be willing to help us with the interview.

    sent you a PM

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  • dan19
    08-28 03:16 PM
    My lawyer is arguing that a MS degree in CS would be sufficient evenif I don't have a BS CS degree.

    I didn't realize my attorney was too incompetent when I hired him. The sole purpose of appointing an attorney was to make my life easy. Rather he is giving me a hard time.

    Mention clearly what is indicated in job requirements. If the labor did not allow for BS in any enggg or related engg and just asked for BS in CS your I-140 will be denied for sure. No need to wait for the denial. Why did your attorney filed a labor like that for you knowing you do not have BS in CS.

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  • nj.gc
    06-24 10:04 AM
    Even I have got same message yester day. But now it shows the package was delivered when i checked today morning.

    I have one more question here. The I-765 and I-131 are two different post box numbers. we can send both applications to the same P.O.BOX or different. If we send two different P.O.BOX then both will reach to same P.O. BOX or different P.O.BOXs.


    Texas Service Center
    P.O. Box 851041
    Mesquite, TX 75185-1041


    USCIS Texas Service Center
    P.O. Box 851182
    Mesquite, TX 75185-1182


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  • life99f
    05-25 09:23 AM
    Sorry, I read the one in Washington post and I DONT think it is against us. It points out some US people don't like legal immigrate but it also shows why US companies need foreign high-skilled workers.


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  • uslegals
    11-11 09:14 AM
    Hello Friends,
    My current AP expires on 2/18/11. My PD (EB-2) has been current since Sept 2010 but no sign of GC yet. I would like to renew my AP and have decided to file myself Vs using the attorney. Has anybody used the e-filing option OR is it better to send in a hard copy of the application.?

    If somebody can kindly direct me to the appropriate links on IV for folks who have filed themselves - i would greatly appreciate that. Any advice on supporting documents, etc. would be really helpful.


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  • willgetgc2005
    01-25 08:37 PM

    I have a profile for online case status monitoring and because I attempted
    logins with wrong password, I am locked out.

    I get the following message:

    Your password has been locked because of too many unsuccessful login attempts.Contact the USCIS Headquarters Referral Management Team for support.

    Does anyone have the telephone number or email id of USCIS Headquarters Referral Management Team ? How do i reset the password by calling them. I forgot the answers to prompt questions too.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-12 11:38 AM
    This is simply called pure selfishness.

    The problem he is talking about is not a widespread one and never heard of, other than may be for one or two people in this forum (one may be nk2006; sorry that it happened to you).

    Even if it had happened to one or two exceptional cases, it can be rectified as it is a simple error from the part of USCIS. This is not a major thing to waste IV resources. This is not a serious immigration issue.

    The way nk2006 misused IV resources for such a simple personal issue is unpardonable .

    Knowing that there are such people among 'highly educated' is disheartening.


    Let me clarify couple of things.

    1. This is highly widespread issue. It affects you, me and everyone. If you didn't pay enough attention on whats going on, its your problem.

    2. Yes, NK2006 has put multiple threads and you are annoyed. But who are you saying this is misuse of IV resources? What is your contribution in action items and IV activities? I am not talking monetory part but activeness. If you are not contributing, you should not care about organization resource right?

    I hope you learnt that its OUR organization. Any problem we are discussiing is OURs. Not your and mine.

    Please forgive NK2006 for multiple threads and try to pay attention on real problem. If you still didn't understand depth of problem, PM me, I will give my contact numbers and we can talk at leisure.

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  • wanaparthy
    03-26 09:28 PM
    Yes , joydiptac

    Iam not playing around, iam in a situation which is :confused:
    But not intent to bother anyone here...

    I realised after few Qtns from validIV, That this is not right to place my Qtn.
    I will make the correct Qtn and put in right place.



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  • inder123
    11-05 05:38 PM
    Any one with july 3rd recvd date at NEBRASKA recvd AP?

    Mine is July 2nd received date at Nebraska. I got my A/P just today. My attorney had no info about it. I got it directly.

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  • nik.patelc
    11-11 07:57 PM
    Need advise from someone who renewed Indian passport by mail at the San Francisco Indian Consulate.

    My wife filled the application online and is ready to mail it, but there are questions regarding the supporting docs.
    1)Proof of Residence:CGISF website shows applicable docs as Driving license or PG&E, Water or landline telephone bill displaying applicant�s address or
    House Lease Agreement.
    However in my wife's case, her name is not on any of the utility bills mentioned above and her Driving license has the old address.
    Can we use the HUD-1 closing statement or home title as proof. Or can we use a insurance bill for this purpose? If not, please advise on other options.

    2)Notarizing:I understand photo copies of any docs that I sent needs to be notarized.
    Is there anything else that needs to be notarized?Your website says that "If applying by mail, Photocopy of all supporting documents including Photo should be notarized and attached to the application".
    Do I need to notarize both the photos from page 1 and page 4? Please clarify.

    I notorized my wife picture attached to gas utility bill as proof of residence. it was accpeted and my wife's passport was renewed without any trouble. Suggest to send a copy of her driving license.


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  • SGP
    12-11 04:03 PM
    My H1-B extension was filed on June 3 2010 requesting for additional 3 years (after the 1st 6 yrs). My labor and I-140 were also approved. The case has been pending since then. It has been more than 5 months now. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar delays? My I-797 has expired in September and I'm still working on the basis of the pending application.

    Thanks in advance.

    Which center did you apply to? I had applied to VSC for my H1 renewal under regular processing (9-12th year) RD Aug 5, 2010. The case is yet under initial review.
    Secondly, I have also applied for H1 transfer with CSC RD Oct 27, 2010 again under regular processing. The case is under initial review.
    I have heard H1 extensions & transfers are taking anywhere between 4 to 6 months.

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  • pradeepd
    01-25 01:27 AM
    Thanks so much for sending me this link. Really appreciate your response. Your posting is giving me some directions to follow now. Thank you once again. I'll update what happens.



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  • Shenner
    06-04 06:19 PM
    We have been seeing a lot of these as of late. For example, I represent many companies who are actually agents; ie, a staffing agency who places speech therapists or nurses. The USCIS is now seeking to show that the beneficiary is actually on payroll and that the staffing company is in existence and that the location where the beneficiary will work is actually in existence. They have also been asking for copies of the contracts between the staffing agency and the place where the alien will work. Although it seems like they are asking for a lot, it does make sense in light of the immigration laws for H-1bs. A lot of abuse went on in the past in this visa categories espcially with staffing agencies etc. They would bring in nurses, etc. and then not place them anywhere! These people would pay and get a visa, enter the US, and when they reported for work were told there was no job for them and then they had no place to go. I believe it is in response to these abuses why we are seeing this now.

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  • s416504
    08-31 04:52 PM
    Attorney..... please REPLY ....


    I looking for porting my approved EB3 labor and 140 to EB2. Here are my details:

    My qualification: Diploma in electronics and communication Engg in India
    (3 years diploma after 10th)

    Years of experience: Since 1991 in IT (About 20 YRs)

    Green card process: EB3 Approved labor and 140.

    Situation: When I contacted one of the university in USA they informed me that I can
    do the Masters instead of BS online degree.

    My question1: Will I be eligible to file my EB2 if I do Masters without doing BS?

    My question 2: Is MS from International Technological University (http://www.ITU.EDU) is accepted bu USCIS for Immigration purpose?

    Thanks in advance


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  • mambarg
    09-20 05:38 PM
    The best thing for them to do or what they should have done is after 140 approval, they should accept 485 and process and keep it ready for date to become current. When current , they should mail the GC that month.

    I dont understand the reason of why they want to accept when current only ?

    If they do not accept 485, we do H1 renewal, if they do accept 485, we do EAD renewal. But EAD renewal is easier and involves only employee and gives enough freedom. H1 does not.

    So All H1 holders till July 2007 , will no longer renew H1's ?

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  • dummgelauft
    09-10 02:08 PM
    I have finished my 6 years quota of H1B and right now I am on TN visa (I am Canadian). Since I started the green card process a little late, I still need more time to finish the green card process. So, my question is, is there any way I can go back to H1B visa again once my TN visa expires. I can not renew my TN because I have applied already for I-140 and that shows my intent to immigrate to US.



    ..but do you want to. Have you not filed your I 485 yet? If you have filed I-485 and it has been pending for 180 days or more, get an EAD (I-765). If your priority date is not current and you have not filed your I-485, you can get a new H1B. With an approved I-140, the 6 year limit does not hold. You can keep on getting H1B renewals, in 3 year extensions, 'til such a time as you can get an EAD or your I-485 is approved. So, yes, its doable, but I would strongly recommned going to EAD, if you can.

    DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, try and renew your TN. It has been wrongly pointed out by one member that I-140 is "not immigrant intent". Well, that is plain "WRONG". It is the I-140 that is the "Immigrant Petition". I-485 is just an application to "adjust your status".


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  • bombaysardar
    07-22 06:21 PM
    If you read the rules closely, the employer is attesting to the fact that the job will be readily available at a future date. So as long as the employer issues a letter attesting to this, there is no issue. If you do indeed move prior to the six months, make sure you amend your H1B for the necessary changes (eg location)

    Confirm with the co lawyer also.

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  • YesGC_NoGC
    07-17 05:45 PM
    Congratulations IV !!

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  • Nakano
    05-13 05:12 PM
    Hi Ruban,

    I also have my H1B extension on Sep 09. Your replies are straight to the point and very clear. Thanks for you help and support.

    October 24th, 2004, 07:42 PM
    My preference was between 3 and 4. But 4 gives me the satisfaction of (or impression of) being at the corner looking into the field. The depth suggested by the rail going off to the right is good, too.

    You have some nice clouds to file away for the next time you need to punch up a dull sky.

    12-03 01:13 PM
    Thanks for quick replies.

    The reason for my concern is our Company lawyer has been getting calls from almost every person who went to India that they are either receiving 221G or getting denied.

    Four of my co-workers are stuck due to administrative processing. But none of them attended Mumbai Consulate. My company has suggested that consulates are harassing people for no clear reason and hence should avoid India Travel for next few months.

    Please continue to share your experiences.

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