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  • ch102
    11-17 04:26 PM
    Indian students in US cross 100,000 mark- Visa Power-Travel-Services-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times (http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/news-by-industry/services/travel/visa-power/Indian-students-in-US-cross-100000-mark/articleshow/5241333.cms)

    The number of students from India enrolled in US universities and colleges crossed 100,000 for the first time ever this year even as Most expensive cities for expats

    international enrollments in America registered the largest percentage increase since 1980, defying broad economic trends.

    As the number of international students at colleges and universities in the US increased by 8% to an all-time high of 671,616 in the 2008/09 academic year, students from India made up 103,260 of the overall number, according to the Open Doors report, which is published annually by the Institute of International Education (IIE) in collaboration with the US government.

    The Indian numbers went up 9.2 per cent from 94,563 in 2007/2008 to cross 100,000 for the first time to retain its position as the top place of origin for international students in the United States. China remained in second place, although there was a sharp 21 per cent spike in students from China, going up from 81,127 last academic year to 98,235 this year. South Korea (69,000 to 75,000) remained in third place.

    This is the eighth consecutive year that India has remained in the top spot. In course of a preview of the forthcoming visit to Washington of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh next week, Indian officials said on Monday that Indian student inflow contributed nearly $ 3 billion to the US economy last year. Overall, international students contribute $17.8 billion to the US economy, through their expenditures on tuition and living expenses, according to the US Department of Commerce.

    Authors of the report said the findings do not reflect the full impact of the past year's economic downturn, since decisions to come to the United States to study were made before the financial effects were fully felt in the sending countries.

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  • overseas
    08-20 08:54 AM
    Hi gcdreamer05,

    So did you find out any more information on this? I'm in the same situation like you. In the instructions I clearly see that we have to send our application to Texas service center as we live in MA. But I want to make sure whether this is correct before I send my application. I'm sure it will be painful to wait for a long time later.

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  • a_yaja
    06-07 03:54 PM
    Heard on CNN ...

    Looks like the Vote to Limit the number of Debates (On Amendments) on CIR has failed.
    The reporter stated that If the bill fails it will fail by Sundown today
    before the eggs hatch
    We need to wait for sundown. Looks like some backroom manuvering is going on.

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  • GCBy3000
    07-26 04:32 PM
    only Pappu / LogicLife could change the poll questions at this time. They have already changed some.

    Interesting poll. I have a small suggestion, though.. If you want unbiased data, you cannot ask leading questions on any survey. For instance, if you ask "Are you a free-rider?", and you are clearly conveying what is the "right" answer.
    Ask very neutral questions on the poll. Also, make it anonymous to encourage participation. Pare down questions so that they are distinct and mutually exclusive.
    At least that way you'll get better data to work with for analysis.


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  • sanjay02
    08-17 02:31 PM
    Hi bsnf

    Are you the primary applicant?

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  • linuxra
    09-28 08:08 PM
    Any people have idea on the above rfe


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  • gc_on_demand
    08-06 02:37 PM
    Hello All

    Friend of mine is applying for I 485 . And confused about One perticular question in form. Question is

    Have you received public assistance in the United States from any source, including the U.S.Government or any State,county, city, or municipality (other than emergency medical treatment), or are you likely to receive public assistance in the future? YES / NO .

    His wife had used Medicaid and WIC for prenetal care when she was on F2 Visa. My Friend was in F1 visa by that time. He took opinion from two different law firm and got totally different response. One firm says Medicaid and WIC are not part of public charge so donot put YES there. Another firm is asking to put YES and explain in seprate sheet. Does any one has same or simillar situation and already filled I 485 or got gc.

    These are docs I found on USCIS for public charge




    Please help in this matter. Any suggestion welcome.

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  • Sreenuuk
    08-07 09:30 AM
    Admins Please delete the thread.


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  • coopheal
    11-05 06:46 AM
    Show your confidence and support to IV by contributing.

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  • jonty_11
    02-05 02:42 PM
    Yedy - I would appreciate that you let a healthy discussion take place on these forums rather than posting wrong information and shunning out people. The community is here to help and there may be many in similar situations. I am talking to a lawyer even before you preached it. This is a forum to get second opinions and real life examples. I am sure no one here (including you) takes the advice from these forums literally and implements it


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  • ghost
    07-24 07:52 PM
    Murthy is Immigration Attorney: www.murthy.com

    IV is Immigration Voice

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  • va_dude
    05-04 03:47 PM
    as per my experience, 2 hours is more than enough to make the transition (assuming there aren't delays) at any airport (assuming there aren't flight delays).


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  • detroit2009
    07-09 05:04 PM

    Have a query in regard to the H1B Visa status. Would it be ok to work for a different branch of the same company, when my unit is not able to provide me with the required number of hours/week. I work for a hospital as a physcial therapist, and am having trouble maintaining the full time hrs, Other units of the same hospital are desperately in need of the therapists.(But working for them would be under different tax id and also would be a seperate pay check, but the same hospital though).

    Any answers would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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  • supender
    09-21 01:33 PM
    My six year term of H-1B ends on 15th Nov 2011. My present employer is filling my I-140 ( as I am paying all the expenses) and the lawyer tells me that she will be able to file in 30 days in EB-2 ctaegory. However , now my job does not look very secure and I am afraid I might be laid off while my I-140 is pending. Thats why I am considering filing under premium processing by paying money out of my pocket.
    My reasoning behind this is:
    1) If laid off, with an approved I-140, I can apply for 3 year extension on a new H-1B with another employer and then work towards capturing my PD when time permits.

    I realize I might have to go to H-4 to avoid getting out of satus while I am looking for new employer. Can anyone please guide if I have my bases covered or if there is a flaw in my reasoning. Should I go for premium processing or not.


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  • gc26
    02-05 02:09 PM
    Does the 45 day limit on being able to use a LC mean that priority dates from an approved LC and I-140 can no longer be ported when the GC process is started again through a new employer ?

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  • ski_dude12
    12-02 01:10 AM
    This is after the dates were pushed back to 2003. There was no movement for a few months. Hopefully they are starting to process the apps in order now.

    Not really. There appears to be no orderly fashion. My PD is June 2007 EB2. I got an RFE on My I 485 in May 2008.


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  • mhtanim
    03-18 12:13 AM
    Hi lavanyamohan and mhtahim,
    Many of my friends utilized Mr.Gowda for H1B and GC. All my friends & hundreds in the same firm got GC'S without any querries.
    Frankly speaking I do not have any personal relations with the company.
    I used his services and felt exactly what mhtahim mentioned about Gowda. He is reasonable and professional.

    All the best

    Appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

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  • theconfused
    04-02 06:39 AM
    1) Code of Federal Regulations (8 - CFR) govern the visa officer on what to do and what not.

    2) Always renew your work visa before the expiry of the existing one. Go 5 or 6 months before the expiration of current work visa.

    3) Don't lie on visa application i.e. Form DS-160.

    4) If you are given a 221g (does not matter what color), DOS (Department of State) may or may not know when clearance was received.

    5) Case Status Report on the embassy website may or may not hold the updated information.

    6) 221g does not mean that it will take months to clear. It can get clear anywhere from 7 days to forever.

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  • computerClerk
    06-11 05:26 PM

    This is a similar advice (complaining to DOL) that you gave me about my employer's non payment for 4 months.

    Would you kindly elaborate on what kind of protection an employee has, once he complains to DOL about employer and the employer retaliates by firing employee and revoking his petition.



    1. Send an email to the employer
    2. Send a letter with a proof of delivery and signature stating your case and that you need to be paid and reminding him/her of their legal obligation and give them 7-10 days to comply failing which you will report to DOL.
    3. If you have not received your dues, complain to your DOL immediately

    I assume that your legal status is not compromised by doing the above and you have a backup for maintaining your legal status in case the employer comes back at you by canceling your H1 etc.

    - cheers

    01-02 06:37 PM
    I have few questions on filling AP document.

    1) What could be the best reason to write on 131 document. USCIS says it should be family emergency or business. I am going on family visit. If i write "Family visit" will it be a problem ie RFE from USCIS saying that reason for travel is not good or something else.

    2) I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Should i send 131 to texas service center or california. All my 485 & 140 were with TSC. Coz when i goes to USCIS website, Arizona state is not covered by TSC.

    Please reply.

    Thanks in advance

    02-27 09:10 AM
    One interseting thing you mentioned about your current employer "which is paying me half of what I should be earning as a GC holder".

    Not paying the prevailing wage that the employer promised in the GC application....I don't know if you can use that to move and show that you wanted to work but the employer was not paying the prevailing wage and you had no option but to leave? I am sure that this is illegal on part of the employer...make sure you keep your paystubs to show this. But consult an attorney to see what he/she thinks.

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