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  • broadcaster
    11-19 10:28 AM
    Thanks for the information. On november 9, 2007, I called using other options and CSR level 2 took my data to begin a report. Today, I followed your instructions to check if there was a more effective way to obtain an aswer, but I am really dissapointed. CSR used my name to look in their system. The only thing that she could found was my H visa application. She never mentioned that there was an investigation due to my call of november 9. Finally she just asked me to wait 30 more days, and neven mention the option to place a report.

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  • guidance
    02-25 11:46 AM
    I am in same boat.

    I have asked my attorney and she said, they will be going for COS from H1B to H4 and will produce leave of absence from OCT1, 2008 till date(no pay-stubs) and H4 will be based on my husbands H1b status and will produce his paystub and not mone.
    Does it look right option?

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  • JazzByTheBay
    08-01 08:38 PM
    ... would be to outsource the mundane clerical work to a more efficient *on-shore* processing firm, and web-enable most services, remove repetitive submission of same documents with every single application, and provide customer access to his/her immigration profile & docs online (so we don't have to carry around the history of our lives on paper.... wherever we move... ).


    It would probably be OK... but as you've rightly guessed, and given the fact that USCIS hasn't really outlined any plans to demonstrate how the extra money will be spent and whether it will guarantee better and faster service measured by a dramatic reduction in processing times, this money is probably going towards enforcement.

    It's probably DHS getting the money (not USCIS directly - the checks I wrote were for DHS, iirc).


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  • eldrick
    07-31 05:27 PM
    Do you think it would be better if I would file another I-485 on my own? Sorry guys, I'm a little bit confused and worried right now. Thanks for your patience and help.


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  • sgorla
    01-29 07:16 PM

    I checked with my immigration attorney about this situation anticipating job change few days ago. According to him one can enter as long as s/he can show new H1B approval notice provided the old H1B visa is still valid (not expired).

    As always, we can express our own interpretation, and its always a good idea to contact an immigration attorney to get specific answers.

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  • PDOCT05
    10-30 04:52 PM
    I wasn't able to create a new thread so would like to post.

    I have future GC filed from Company X, the priority date is February 2006.

    I am currently working for Company Y on H1B. This H1B will expire in April 2009. Company Y is also ready to file my GC and I would like to work with Company Y till by future GC is approved, my question is

    If I have already filed for 485, EAD and AP through Company X, scenario will it be advisable to file another labour and I-140 through Company Y now?

    What could be the implications?

    You have posted this in the wrong place..to open a new thread it's easy..just go to any forum home page and on the top see new thread button in purple color.


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  • santa123
    06-09 11:20 PM
    I suggest that you put things in black and white.
    Write to the former employer to let him know that you have been calling him reg the dues. Give him a time frame and let him know that you will consider going to DOL if things are not sorted out.

    Pls be polite with your wordings as this may help resolve the issue itself.

    Dear Viewers

    Could anyone please advice me on how to claim the unpaid salary from the previous employers.

    I was working for a company based in Michigan run by an Indian. This person did not pay me my last month salary. He does not pick up his phone or respond to my email. I have all the proof that my client has paid him the money for which I worked but he continue to ignore my request. This guy owes me around 5000 dollars.

    Any piece of advice would be of great help.

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  • akhilmahajan
    09-20 04:21 PM
    is there any possiblity that the EB3-ROW from Bngladesh become current soon. can you tell any approx.....days. What about in October....i heard that the new visa will be available in Oct every year. Is there any quota for different countries....??????? thanks again

    Do you know who will be next president of USA?
    In this case, atleast we know there will be a president of USA, but in case of USCIS no body knows whats going to happen.

    about the dates being current, u need to keep on following the visa bulletin every month. If your date is not current then keep on renewing your EAD/AP. Also be ready to do FP almost every other year.

    If you feel frustuated join us in the fight.
    But if you feel that u have filed 485 and u r all set, then GOD HELP YOU.

    Please dont take my post in the wrong way, i am just trying to enlighten you to the world of uncertaintites in which you have entered after filing your 485.


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  • honge_kamyaab
    02-01 12:54 PM
    I am planning to drive to Canada. I have the paperwork Canadian embassy sent me.

    I'll fill this paperwork and the list of items to be brought in later. Possibly answer
    any questions the officials at the POE ask. Anything else at POE that I need to do?

    After passing POE into Canada, possibly into a city, do I need to register at any office saying I landed? I am planning to come back very next day after landing.

    This going back and forth the POE to get Canadian PR status seems to be way too easy for immigration ;). Hence my concern.

    Please advice.

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  • ghost
    07-24 06:12 PM
    Having said that, there is no need to wait to file 485 due to visa retrogression.

    Agreed, one of the IV goals.


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    10-19 01:09 PM
    I am from Long Island. I am a name check victim. What can we do? Where and when can we gather?

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  • sanju
    02-06 10:28 AM
    We filed for 485 in 2007 july fiasco... and so far, we never received FPs for me or my wife..
    my lawyer called the TSC a couple of times, and I called at least 3 times, and all the time, they say it is fine, and they will contact me if they need anything. We got our EADs and APs renewed as well, but never received FPs...

    Every time I contacted them and explained the problem, they would open up a case to investigate and they send us letters a couple of months later saying my application is within the current processing times...

    I am hoping this is only normal, and there are others out there in the same boat as mine...
    Am I wrong in assuming so? Let me know if there is anything I should do?

    pal :)

    Hi pal,

    Two things -

    a.) If your priority date is current and you are EB2-India, then your priority date in your profile is incorrect. Could you please fix it, along with other data in your profile.

    b.) Based on what you said, if I were you, I would take an infopass appointment at the nearest USCIS center for the entire family and speak with the IO face-2-face and ask this -
    i.) My dates are current, how much time will it take to approve your application, and at what stage it is stuck?
    ii.) You have not recd FP notice, is that ok?

    I think IO officer will most likely print an FP notice right there, and that will bring up your file, if it is lying in some rubble. It would have someone look into your application.

    Hope this is helpful!



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  • martinvisalaw
    07-28 11:02 AM
    I still have 2 weeks before I leave for my trip, now is it advisable to apply for another AP this week and wait for it to come? Will that application make my current AP invalid?

    From what I understand, you need to be here in the US while you apply for your AP, but can travel on your older AP while this one is still in process. Is this correct?

    Is there a chance for AP denial, and how does that affect the chance of an AP extension in Future?

    You cannot enter the US on Advance Parole (AP) unless you had that specific AP when you left. So you cannot apply for AP now, leave the US, have someone send the approved AP to you in India, and use that AP to return to the US next year..

    There is always a slight chance that the AP will be denied. However that should not affect your chances of getting a new AP in the future.

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  • LondonTown
    05-04 07:58 AM

    My H1-B expires in August 2011. My I-94 was stamped only until May 20, 2011 because my passport was expiring early. Now I have a new passport.

    In March 2011, I also applied for a renewal of my Advance Parole(AP) and EAD and they are still pending approval.

    I am planning on travelling to Canada next week by road(through Detroit) to get my I-94 renewed. So If I travel to Canada, will my AP application be considered abandoned?

    Also, can I just cross into Canada by road, wait for a couple of hours and come back into the US to get a new I-94. I know usually you don't surrender your I-94 when visiting Canada for less of 30 days.

    I am hoping I would be able tell the Canadian/US immigration officer that I need a new I-94 and hopefully surrender my older I-94 and get a new one when coming back in. Please let me know if thats not possible and I need to fly to Canada to get a new I-94.


    You may try going to the nearest CBP office. We had the similar situation (except our visa on the passport was expired) and visited nearest 3 CBP offices. Two offices said that since it is not CBP's fault you have to extend the validity of I-94 via I-539 but the third office issued a new I-94 without asking any questions.

    Technically they only fix the errors made by their officers but they can do it if they want.

    Since you have a valid visa on your passport so you have an option to go out of country and come back with new I-94 or you may try visiting CBP office.

    If you plan to visit CBP office, use the word error not correction- just staple both passport together and hand over along with I94 and I797 and point them to the date of I94 vs I797 and let them interpret.


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  • rghrdr777
    05-28 08:08 AM
    I got my renewal EAD from TSC last week. It starts from the expiry of my current EAD.

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  • gcwanter
    07-02 10:01 AM
    All of a sudden since last week there has been an increase.. in these kind of people who "suddenly" pop up ; make their first time posts challenging IV and its mission.

    I think the best treatment they deserve is IGNORANCE. we probably shouldnt even reply to such ridiculous posts of people who are not even aware what the CIR contains for us legals..

    please ignore such people..or else these threads keep lingering on top..which they dont deserve


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  • delhiguy
    07-02 03:13 PM
    [QUOTE=vinabath]I paid for a 2007 labor for 15k. Now I am screwed.[/QUOTE

    One of my friend was gonna do the same(buying a labor is illegal) , I stopped him , He called me and thanked me...
    Never break rules , Never trust desi consultants...

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  • GCaspirations
    10-18 11:38 PM
    I am one of the July 2 filers. I need to go to India on 1st November. I was hoping that AP will come by that time. But there has been no progress on that. Just spoke to my Attorney. She said that USCIS does not have any facility to issue AP for an emergency.
    Then I called USCIS. I was told the same thing. The Customer Service representative said - I should go wherever I need to go. On arrival contact the local US Embassy and tell them that you need AP to travel back. They will "guide you".
    On this forum I have read about INFOPASS many times. I was hoping to use that facility if I did not get AP in time. I am trying to find out if anybody actually used INFOPASS to meet a local Immigration Officer and got AP on an emergency basis.
    No theoretical guesses please.

    Local US Embassy cannot process or give you advance parole.
    ". . . Aliens applying for advance parole on the basis of a pending application for adjustment of status must be approved for advance parole prior to leaving the United States in order to avoid the termination of their pending application for adjustment."

    http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=970596981298d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1RCR D&vgnextchannel=54519c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

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  • chalamurariusa
    04-28 02:52 PM
    Thanks . I will surely update when we hear from USCIS

    01-21 12:44 PM
    The country quota extends to all the nations and is not specific to few countries (India, China....) UK, Germany, France have country limits too, its just that their countries are not oversubscribed like India, China...

    Country quota has no place in employment based green card system. The skill set that I have and that my employer seeks has nothing to do with the country that I was born in!

    Congress got country limits into immigration b'se they want to limit # of people immigrate from single country, but the AC1 gave spillover provisions.

    08-25 10:44 AM
    Thanks for the reply, the wait is painful. Itls like a detention without trial :-)

    when he contacted senator and inturn they contacted USCIS, Senator got same reply as urs . his is also 2005 EB2 I PD. He is just waiting too.

    i wonder what that extensed security review means. looks like never ending. hope no one gets stuck in it.

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