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  • clockwork
    07-18 05:41 PM
    just emailed... it should have 4 pdf files.

    Done buddy. Please look at my previous post. Thanks for sharing info. :)

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  • krishmunn
    12-23 09:35 AM
    There is one option which you can try. Take a online appointment at one of the consulates in Mexico. It costs $8 or so. They ask to send the 797 by fax before the appointment date. Presumably they ask for the 797 to do a PIMS verification. I do not know if that helps in confirming PIMS but for $8 , it is worth taking this additional step.

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  • indigokiwi
    05-20 11:34 PM
    Haha...so does this mean that no one really knows what OP stands for? :D

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  • ajju
    02-20 04:09 PM
    Get a non-availability certificate from the local municipal office and submit it to USCIS..on a safer side..

    Or get the birth cert from Indian Embassy in US... They'll issue it based on her passport..
    takes about 2-4 weeks... unless you can go and get it personally...


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  • diptam
    08-13 05:14 PM
    7:30 AM folks started getting receipts now - We 11:30 AM guys have to wait at least 2-3 more weeks :D :D

    By the way - guys whose things gone between 9 to 9:30 got receipts the first ( there are exceptions though) - After Coffee everyone was charged !! The early (7:30) guys are penalized for too much alertness and late (11:30) guys are taken care of for too much laziness.

    I've never imagined that i'll see such interesting stuffs in GC process at US.

    Same here...mine was signed by GERKENSMEYER AT 11.34am

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  • PD_Dec2002
    06-12 07:56 PM
    evl is employment veriication letter
    My new employer does not do any type of sponsorship and I was going to go to the previous employer, but they are not doing very good now:(

    So if I understand you correctly, you filed your I-485 while you were working for the new employer, but got your old employer to give you the evl so it would appear as if you are still with the old employer?



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  • anilsal
    12-09 01:39 PM
    Now where are the members in IL? Repeated requests passed to members returns no response!

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  • srikondoji
    10-18 04:49 PM
    I will vigorously start buying megamillions and powerball tickets twice as musch as i do now. Atleast getting powerball lottery is better than getting GC through EB2 and EB3 category probability wise.

    go powerball
    go megamillions


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  • bluekayal
    10-22 12:25 PM
    ^^^bump ^^^^bump

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  • Sachin_Stock
    09-03 01:21 PM
    Other EB2 threads have so much rejoicing going on, that we Eb3 folks are virtually left out as orphans!:mad:


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  • hellomms
    05-27 03:29 PM
    Guys, I have added information in the original thread, please refer to the link below and add your questions, concerns or comments there.


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  • krogot
    02-15 07:00 PM
    We're both from Russia, and a friend of mine got his GC in about of 1.5 years, he is from Russia too.

    My PERM process took about 10 month and my I-140 has not been filed yet, when you say "the expense of redoing PERM", how much it would cost the company?


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  • akela
    03-11 05:39 AM
    Please answer me the following question?

    I have a masters from US and over 2 years of exp when I joined my company. They filed for my LC. There is nothing in form 750 B ETA that says if I am EB-2 or EB-3. In fact the line line 14 is blank which says list documents that support education, training, experience..etc. to be submitted during I-140. I suspect though on ETA 750 form A they made the advertisement as if I am eb-2. So the question is I do not see anything on line 14 of ETA form B. Is that a big blunder.
    Did my lawyer blunder or I am ok?
    My labor is not cleared yet. So no way to check I-140.

    I know few things
    ETA 750 FORM A probably filed as EB-2 (I have to believe my lawyer, they say I have been filed as EB-2 on repeated request).
    ETA 750 form B of which I have a copy of (it was the one that I had to fill), line 14 says Item 14. Documentation. List any documents submitted with this form as evidence of the alien's qualifications. These may include statements from past employers, diplomas, and educational or training certificates. now this column is blank. Is that a problem? Did my lawyer made a big unrectified mistake.


    Thanks in advance,
    Did my lawyer blunder or I am ok?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • milind70
    11-06 04:25 PM
    All Guru's

    My situation is little different,

    I filed my GC from comapany A (with approved I140 ...so far i received all receipts+ EAD+AP), I am working for Company B as a consultant. Now the company B is willing to give me an offer, Since they know my situation they are agreed upon waiting till 180 days. But they are planning giving me offer 181 day. They cant wait longer than that.
    But my fear is I don't have copy of my approved I140 with me. I heard from my collegue who works for my Company (A) provides a I140 copy only if they terminate me from the employment (like after certain period on bench - 15days). This is where I am getting nervous. I want to take the employment with Company B using EAD. But I have to be on Bench with company A (H1B) inorder to get my copy of I140.

    I have only 2 options:

    1) Take the Company B offer and Remain on the Bench for Company A at the same time for certain period to get the I140 copy. - Can I do this because I will be getting pay from New Employer (EAD) and old Employer (H1B) - Does this trigger any issue in future - Is this over lap (15 days) is OK

    2) Do not take the Company B offer (but this is very good offer)

    Please Guru's if any body gone through this situation please share your thoughts OR Any body please advice. Thanks in Advance

    Dont require copy of 140 to invoke AC21 only proof of AOS is required i.e 485 Recipt Notice (even a copy would do).
    Copy of 140 is required incase of date porting i.e joined a new employer who is willing to sponsor GC and you would like to keep you PD from a previous application.
    Hope this clarifies !!!


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  • adde72
    07-17 06:05 PM
    Does this mean that we have to file I-485 before August 1st?. From August 1st, the August visa bulletin is effective and all the EB category dates are U.:confused:

    You can file until Aug 16 .However from July 30 , you have to pay new feess..Better apply before July 30 and contribute to IV

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  • Nikith77
    01-20 02:50 PM
    LOOKs Goooood


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  • sunnymit
    02-17 04:30 PM
    Really speaking I care more for the dates to get current so I can add my wife to my GC application and get her an EAD and AP. After that I won't mind if I have to wait for some more time before I get the actual GC in hand

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  • Berkeleybee
    06-03 07:44 PM
    Good job Pratik. we should grab every opportunity we get to voice our opinion even though this TV interview was mostly on H1B visa cap and increasing the cap. Only 10 seconds or so were given to the lengthy green card process. Increasing H1B quota is not a solution for us. It would infact increase our wait times and backlog of applications. it is in the interest of Hi-tech companies to have the h1b visa quota increased so that they can get more skilled workers. However they know that once they have an H1B worker, they will have that worker for many years due to retrogression. Thus retrogression is not a BIG news story. We need to highlight the greencard quota issue and not confuse it with the H1B quota issue. I feel these are 2 different things. After watching the SJC and Senate proceedings I feel Retrogression and greencard quota issue needs more awareness and education amongst lawmakers so that it is not confused with H1B visa quota.


    Not sure how Priya David fell through the cracks but the very first thing we do when we talk to reporters is hammer away and draw a distinction between H1-B and EB workers. It is part of our media mantra. In fact this comes across so strongly that the WaPo reporter even called me back to say "see I didn't mess that up!" Unfortunately, TV stations do tend to splice together a bunch of stuff just to get a story out.

    We just have to keep hammering away.


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  • gcpool
    10-15 10:57 PM
    Try contacting your local senator

    08-18 04:46 PM
    I could find this useful. I am in my 6th year expiring June 1, 2007. My employers are just about to file LC, so I guess being able to process I140 by premium will enable me file for a three year extension before my current stay expires.

    Munna Bhai
    07-10 10:01 AM
    I'm not from India, can I come ???


    Come to india, trust me you will enjoy the life...easy to get work visa.

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