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  • danu2007
    07-13 04:21 PM
    So far only 1327 members signed the petition. This needs around 5000 signatures.

    This will show the number of filed I-485 applications to Chertoff..Please sign..

    Please sign your petition and give support to Congresswoman Lofgren's requests from her letter dated July 9th, 2007. Doing so is the only way we can begin to restore fairness to this process.


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  • h1techSlave
    04-09 01:41 PM
    After reading "Handing the president a win on a major issue like immigration reform in the run up to the 2008 elections might be good policy, but it would be bad politics." in the Time article, I have not much hope in getting a GC in the near future.

    If the Democrats agrees with the Republicans and passes any meaningful CIR, then the whole credit would go to Bush and Co. It would make the Republican campaign very easy for Bush.

    If I were a Democratic Senator, I would do every thing to block any CIR from getting passed.

    With the record number of H1 applications recently, we can also expect that they would put serious limitations on H1, claiming that the whole thing is misused.

    Apparently, the whole thing is hugely bad for America. It is not just Indian politician who can destroy their own country, American politicians can also do a fantastic job of destroying their country.

    I feel sorry for my kids, who are US citizens by birth.


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  • kartikiran
    12-17 02:11 PM
    My wife will be coming back in April 2nd week through Denver. CO POE. Her AP is valid until June 3rd week.

    My question is that is 2 months of AP validity / cushion enough or safe to enter the US.

    Any experiences from forum members about using their AP when there is 2 months or less left in the expiry of the AP document and they entered the US. Did anyone have any bad experience at POE due to near expiry of the AP. Members entered through Denver, CO POE with their experiences would be an added help.

    Thanks in advance for all your time.

    Used NY POE. Arrived on July 5th with expiring AP on Sept 9th. No problems.

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  • akilhere
    01-21 12:35 PM
    If you do invoke AC-21, you might have problems with your petition as there seems to be a big difference between a Sr. Program Manager and a Programmer Analyst.

    However, if i were you, i would still take up the new role and send in the AC21. There is a possibilityt hat they will approve it.

    What's the point of a GC if you are locked in on your career growth anyways!?! Remember, these are your most productive years!


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  • vallabhu
    02-01 11:07 AM
    please post a link to this survey

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  • whoever
    07-25 03:48 PM
    now what you want to protest for? i guess it should not be misused.


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  • 2006 Mercedes-Benz ML500 SUV

  • ghost
    12-09 11:02 AM
    Dream Act 'Motion to proceed' passes with 59 to 40 votes.

    It goes for cloture vote, which require 60 votes.

    "Motion to table" - means "motion to delay" passed, right?

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  • hk196712
    07-16 12:44 PM
    Sorry Friends...I am new here and don't know how to deal with this.

    I filed both I-140 and I485 in Sept 2005.



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  • HV000
    10-10 07:08 PM
    What if USCIS didnt have this nonsense LUD field in their online status, won't you have lived in peace?

    TRUE! My LUD is also not updated after FP so do not know when they update the LUD. One thing you could do is to contact FBI verifying the status.

    Also, FP is valid only for 15 months so there is a good chance for a 2nd FP based on current backlog.

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  • cache22
    07-18 11:30 PM
    Get yourself a good lawyer. As far as I know Up to 180 days of out of status can be managed. As your case is in removal proceedings, it may further complicate your situation.
    Even if you get an Advance Parole, do not use it. Your reentry will have issue. You may send a private message.

    All the best !!!

    Thanks for great services..

    My situation is as under : " My case is in removal proceedings for violating H1b status for 3 months due to laid off situation, i am working on H1b now and my labor is approved and I-140 is pending, now my priority date is become current for I-485 filing", now who will adjudicate my case, INS or EOIR court, where will i file my I-485.

    will court close my removal proceedings based on PD current..

    i will really really apprecate your help.


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  • regacct
    12-20 08:26 AM
    If we are not ready to speak up and say we have a problem to the people that matter (lawmakers, media) - why would they assume a problem exists?

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  • peer123
    07-18 07:25 PM
    Hi Friends,
    I have applied for my I485 last month and received receipt numbers this week. At the time I consulted my company lawyer and he said it is possible apply from your wife's company for both of us and when USCIS gets to approving one application they will ask other one to be withdrawn.
    The reason I asked and agreed to do so was manily because of the VERY unstable condition our my job. My wife's job is more stable than mine.
    Now we are try to apply from my wife's company, her lawyer is saying that we can not have more than one I485 pending, had I known this - it more based on interpretation from the lawyers I would not have applied for my application just applied for my wife's.
    Hoping that nothing may happen should I drop the idea of applying for I485 from my wife's company. Although my hope line is too thin.
    My question is has any on in similar situation applied for 2 I485s. I am really confused as my lawyer says that it is possible and my wife's lawyer says it is not possible to have 2 pending I485 applications..


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  • binadh
    07-05 10:20 AM
    Hey Gurus,

    What are the chances for ROW-EB2 to go backlog in OCT 2007. My wife's employer is filing for the LABOR this month. We are keeping our finger's crossed that it will be current in OCT this year.

    What do you guys think about that? Thanks.

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  • gopikrishnayr
    09-07 10:34 AM
    I just spoke to my attorney and according to him there might be other repurcussions if I block the check. It seems he has heard cases where Federal govt can do proceedings against you for blocking a check and you might end up paying more. Did anyone block their checks sucessfuly and not get into any issues.


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  • msr999
    08-14 07:30 PM
    Sorry for the dumb question. My status changed today and it said " On August 14, 2008, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you". Does this mean my greencard approved?

    Category: EB2
    Priority Date: 11/15/2004
    Receipt Date : 08/17/2007

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  • dilbert_cal
    03-29 11:19 PM
    Your lawyer is right. People are taking advantage of portabilty of PD in multiple 140s. However, they are forgetting fundamental of 140 sponsership. Your employer already filed a 140 for a higher level position (EB2) and now requesting again USCIS to approve a 140 for a lower level position (EB3) for same employee with in a months. How will you justify? Howmany job offer your employer can give you? Is there any logic involved, for a person already given a higher level position, to take a lower level position. In the eyes of USCIS, it will defintly looks like your employer is doing fraud and there is no genuine job offer to you. If it is otherway, it may not look bad. If your first I-140 was EB3 and second one is EB2, then there may be a logic.

    If what you are saying constitutes a fraud, isnt filing the PERM the first step of the fraud and thats already committed -

    I'm not a lawyer - so dont know much about legalities - but this is a common practise nowadays - filing multiple labor petitions for the same person does happen - I believe it certainly is possible that you can go forward provided and thats very important - provided your company is willing to cooperate. It can always happen that they had job 'X' initially but later on the requirements changed which created job 'Y'. Now, you are overqualified for 'Y' as X's qualitifications were greater than Y but that doesnt stop you from applying for or to be considered for job 'Y'. There are folks who have 10 years of experience and their labor is for 2 or 3 years of experience. Certainly doesnt look like fraud to me - of course, if your company wants you to be stuck - you dont have much choices. I've known another instance where the company claimed it may be fraud and on something that they had proposed to do all along - things did sort out finally but its a long story :-)


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  • RollingStone12
    04-25 02:48 PM

    Take whatever Sh&*t you want...dont forget your son.

    BTW its not 'a' American and its 'an' American.

    Big LOL :)

    P.S: Dont tell your son you have money...:)

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  • nandakumar
    05-15 12:43 PM
    Great job Learning01.

    Media publicity will definitely have a positive impact to our cause.

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  • sargon
    09-23 02:10 PM
    And how to you differentiate between soft lud and very soft lud?:o

    soft LUD on a case 1 no. ahead of you or 1 no. behind you = very soft LUD on your case. Isn't everybody is smart enough to calculate the formula for very-raised-to-the-power-of-n soft LUD now.

    10-05 10:37 AM
    The I-94 is the form you filled out on the plane and had stamped at the port of entry. It should be attached to your passport on the visa page. It will be on the front of the I-94.

    02-12 12:53 AM
    How about sending 100 thousand roses to WHITE HOUSE on the same day?

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