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  • kanshul
    02-01 10:08 AM
    Honestly you are not in very good shape. You can't use AC21 so can't port your GC.

    If your old employer withdraws your 140 (which many small firms do) you won't get to retain your PD. Now some lawyers think you may retain your PD but it is debatable.

    Also, if you file your GC through a respectable non H1B dependent firm and your case does not go for audit, you will get labor + 140 within a year. Else it may take 3+ years.

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  • veni001
    11-05 06:55 AM
    Can employer revoke 140?? It is not a visa. Ofcourse they will have to revoke an H1b, however, what is the argument that you have that indicates that employer should revoke 140?
    140 once approved belongs to the employee and can be revoked only if some fraud has been commited or rather some serious mistake. Otherwise all the employer is supposed to do is to abandon the process further or inother words they will not continue to the next stage (485) if PD were to become current.
    This is what I get from watching several discussions on various forums. If you have other information please post.

    Employer can withdraw/revoke/notify USCUS he is no longer sponsor for that particular employee for the position, similar to H1B. You better check with good immigration attorney.

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  • FinalGC
    03-30 10:44 AM
    Yes, their AOS is applied......

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  • kprgroup
    07-20 12:37 PM
    Background OF Myself

    Worked for Company A from 2003 to 2008.

    Company A applied I-140 and approved April 2006. AOS 485 filed on July 2007. Got EAD but never used it

    September 2008 I have Joined employer �B� by transferring H1B (Valid until Aug 2010).

    Employer A revoked 140 which triggered 485 denials in October 2008.

    Applied MTR and it was approved in NOVEMBER 2008 and 485 reopened.

    Now Will I able to renew my H1B? Using pending 485 more than 365 days?If so will able to get 3 years renewal?

    Will the past 140 revoke issue, trigger any RFE?

    When I send my all H1B renewal papers, do I need to enclose my 485 receipt copy? or also the MTR(Motion to Reopen)copy?



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  • agiyer
    02-06 07:49 PM
    Thanks for the replies....Working voluntarily, does it mean that you need to work only in Non-Profit Orgs? in my case, I was wondering whether it is legal to work voluntarily when in an H4 visa for a Private Audit Firm and you audit their customers but do not take any pay of any kind from anybody till you get your H1-B in Oct?

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  • coolpal
    02-09 10:02 AM
    ****SPAM ALERT!!!*****
    Block the posts from the new spammer member "iamlove649". He/It is posting messages with some advertising at the end to all the threads...

    pal :)


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  • pkjena
    10-17 07:44 PM
    I am one of the July 2 filers. I need to go to India on 1st November. I was hoping that AP will come by that time. But there has been no progress on that. Just spoke to my Attorney. She said that USCIS does not have any facility to issue AP for an emergency.
    Then I called USCIS. I was told the same thing. The Customer Service representative said - I should go wherever I need to go. On arrival contact the local US Embassy and tell them that you need AP to travel back. They will "guide you".
    On this forum I have read about INFOPASS many times. I was hoping to use that facility if I did not get AP in time. I am trying to find out if anybody actually used INFOPASS to meet a local Immigration Officer and got AP on an emergency basis.
    No theoretical guesses please.

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  • chanduv23
    09-03 10:00 PM
    Politely: I think that my time can be better spent distributing fliers. My time is limited, if I attend this I won't have much time to distribute fliers. So unless someone convinces me why this is more important I won't be attending.

    The event is mainly to bolster the attendance for the Rally and also give the community an opportunity to interact with other community members to discuss mobilization plans and campaigns.

    While few members are highly informed on all these things, a lot of members will have basic questions.

    Distributing flyers is good, we we must continue to do that - these flyers must be distributed at strategic locations otherwise there is not much use. The locations would include highly populated skilled workers areas like Jersey and NYC where thousands of tech workers are affected by retrogression and also universities where students who graduate will face the quota issues when they look for their first job.


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  • snathan
    05-04 12:00 AM
    Hi my father lost his passport at the airport today and with it his I94 and US B1 visa. We do have scanned copies of his US Visa and Passport. I would appreciate any pointers on the following question -

    1. What are my next steps?
    2. I figured from browsing few sites that he needs to apply for I94 - does any one know of any vague ETA there?
    3. Would he have to go through his visa stamping again?

    Much apprecaite your reply.


    I am not sure about the next steps regarding the visa. I guess you might to need to file police complaint about the loss of passport and inform Indian consulate. Did you check the USCIS web site for the visa.

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  • bsbawa10
    02-18 06:32 AM
    I am a july filer too.. but neither me nor my wife ever received FP notices... not even the first time.
    My lawyer and myself contacted USCIS several times over the phone and each time they opened a case for review and replied saying they'll contact me if they need anything.

    Anyone else in the same situation as mine?


    Mysterious are the ways of USCIS :-) There is no place where there is any consistency at all..


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  • EADchallenged
    08-22 08:31 PM
    Afsandyar, your link provides text that has existed for at least 3 months.

    Where have you seen tha it is under discussion in the house. If this is true, it is great news, but I just hope it is true.

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  • vban2007
    06-07 03:16 PM
    I had sent my 485 app to Nebraska. However, the receipt number starts with WAC.

    Should I send the EAD renewal to NSC or CSC??

    Please let me know.





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  • PD_Dec2002
    06-24 10:58 AM
    Thanks janilsal.

    We got married in a temple and returned the license to the County Clerk's office.
    We can't mention martial status as married due to family reasons.
    We are fine applying with martial status as single independently since both of our PD is current now.
    Will they find this discrepancy martial status during background check? I'm unsure whether these will appear in the background check in the first place.
    Please advice.

    Thank you!

    I recommend talking to a lawyer. Remember, that you (and your partner) are certifying and signing all forms. So, if you are legally married, it would be perjury to leave the "spouse" field as blank.


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  • viva
    12-17 10:53 PM


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  • perm2gc
    08-24 12:58 PM
    My first term on H1 expired on June 2002. I revalidated it and the second term also got expired as of June 2004. Since I was in US only for 3 years on that H1, is it possible to revalidate it again now, even I'm not working for company A now? Company A can file for revalidation for recapturing the remaining time on H1 but you may to work with them once the H1B's gets approved..

    Above Expressed Views are Personal..Please Consult your Attroney.

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  • izolo
    06-04 02:11 AM
    I applied for H1-B visa on April 2007 and the petition was approved from October 2007 to 26Th of September 2010 but when I came to USA consulate office to get the visa it became pending putting under administrative processing. It took almost 3 years to get the reconfirmation and last week I received the visa.
    The visa issuing date is 27Th May and the expiry date is 24Th August but there is another date in bottom right part of it as PED : 26 September 2010 which is my petition's expiry date.
    Now I am planning to move to USA for a long term stay so that I am selling my stuff, renting my house,.. and I just got confused by considering this date.Does this mean my visa will be expire on September and my H1 visa is just for some months? In this case does this mean I have lost 3 years of the total 6 years of the H1 visa? or the the officer issuing the visa on I-94 form in the ports of entry can issue the visa for 3 years as a normal H1-B visa?

    I have arranged with my employer to start the job on 10Th of July and I will enter USA on 8Th, so up to 26Th of September which is the PED date will be less than 3 months and if the white I-94 card that will be in my passport should correspond with the expiration of the petition, the total of my work duration, will be less than 3 months which really doesn't make sense at all but as it seems that's it!

    It seems now the only way is to apply for H1-b extension. So there will be these questions:

    1- how will be the process and how much are the fees?
    2- How long does it take?
    3- Do I have to go back to my home country to get the new stamp for extension?
    4- Is there any way to renew it in USA ?
    5- Is 2.5 months of work enough to apply for extension? or I have to come sooner if it is really necessary.
    6- In my first interview on 2007 they got all the original documents from me and never return them back to me. should I ask for duplication?
    7- Is there anything else that my employer and I should know and consider?

    I have to know the answers to these questions, first to arrange with employer and to see if they are interested and also to decide about our stuff, jobs, properties,... in my home country before entring the USA, otherwise it can be the loose of everything for us.
    Please help me


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  • number30
    03-11 10:33 PM
    Interesting. I never received the 1099-INT. Will talk to my bank.

    CITI Bank usually send the 1099. But if you have account with ICICI or some other Indian Banks they do not send it. Also check if your bank in India deducting Tax (Usually called as TDS) on interest you earn. That amount you can deduct on US tax return as foreign taxes paid.

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  • eldrick
    07-31 05:19 PM
    They also didn't ask me to sign form G28. Is this ok? Does this mean that receipt number will be mailed to me directly?

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  • md2003
    04-02 09:35 AM
    I see each Attroney has different opinion on PD retaing when previous employer cancel the i140.

    Rajiv Khanna -- He always thinks we can carry PD.
    Murthy -- Every week she gives different answers
    Mathew oh --- He gave different answers
    Susan --- She thinks We can carry PD. But i heard only one conference call.

    Not sure which one is correct.

    02-06 10:20 AM
    We filed for 485 in 2007 july fiasco... and so far, we never received FPs for me or my wife..
    my lawyer called the TSC a couple of times, and I called at least 3 times, and all the time, they say it is fine, and they will contact me if they need anything. We got our EADs and APs renewed as well, but never received FPs...

    Every time I contacted them and explained the problem, they would open up a case to investigate and they send us letters a couple of months later saying my application is within the current processing times...

    I am hoping this is only normal, and there are others out there in the same boat as mine...
    Am I wrong in assuming so? Let me know if there is anything I should do?

    pal :)

    07-13 02:22 PM
    wooah...i got the problem solved.
    The problem we had was, we got the pay from jan to may but the employer gave all the pay just for pay period May instead of individual months.

    NY ways, i consulted a attorney and he suggested few things....

    Interesting that you got it solved in 3 hours and then came back here to delete your post...

    Good luck with whatever it is that you are doing!


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