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national geographic iceland volcano lightning

national geographic iceland volcano lightning. is the Icelandic volcano,
  • is the Icelandic volcano,

  • SciFrog
    Nov 23, 08:31 PM
    The above is correct.

    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. Volcano Lightning In Japan
  • Volcano Lightning In Japan

  • jeevesofRKdia
    Apr 4, 05:09 PM

    All those fruits look so ripe and unflawed! I wish I could buy fruits that looked that delectable. Instead, I get raspberries with the occasional black spot and kumquats that look more like little limes than little oranges... :D

    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. National Geographic Your Shot
  • National Geographic Your Shot

  • Andrew K.
    Apr 14, 09:24 PM
    My mouth.


    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. Lightning flashes over
  • Lightning flashes over

  • bedifferent
    Apr 11, 02:52 PM
    if by "internal" you mean "inside the box," that seems unlikely. The main benefit of fiber optics is over distances greater than those inside a PC. Signals on PCB's travel at something like 25% of the speed of light (depending on dielectric), which may seem slow, but is very speedy compared to the long cables used to connect PCs to external peripherals.

    Ah, gotcha. Guess I misread/misunderstood the info. So it's truly meant for peripheral devices and will not replace internal components. For some reason I thought it was a universal (internal/external) system. Oh well.

    Still bummed there will not be a "Light Peak" PCIe for Mac Pro's.


    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. Icelandic Volcano along with
  • Icelandic Volcano along with

  • mahonmeister
    Oct 23, 12:35 PM
    What's that other program that lets you run windows without an actual copy? Maybe I'll use that. Wait, are they even supporting Vista or just XP?

    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. Iceland Volcano: The Latest
  • Iceland Volcano: The Latest

  • Thataboy
    Jul 25, 08:39 AM

    �49 in the UK LOL............. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    $49 for a mouse lol

    Just to be clear... it is USD $69. Which is NUTS. They know that people want a white BT mouse (and there aren't many currently out, if any at all) -- so I can't blame them for taking advantage of supply and demand.

    But... wow. $70 for a mouse. That's... I mean.... $70 for a mouse! :)


    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. (Related: quot;Iceland Volcano Ash
  • (Related: quot;Iceland Volcano Ash

  • Thomas Veil
    Mar 3, 04:35 PM
    That's a trip, and it's so sad. However, I think it's best for the kids. With experts seeming to rule out mental illness (which probably doesn't just come on), there seems to be a very strong appearance that he's on drugs.I don't think they're ruling out mental illness.

    "To some degree, the media are enablers," Dr. Capretto said. "You don't need to be a psychiatrist to know this is a sick man whose life is spiraling out of control...." Link (http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11060/1128800-67.stm)

    "He looks bipolar. He's in a particularly manic phase," psychologist Stuart Fischoff tells the website. "His reality testing has been severely impaired, marked by delusions of grandeur. His head now is as large as the moon."Link (http://www.metronews.ca/edmonton/scene/article/791698--experts-speculate-charlie-sheen-is-bipolar)

    Dr. Joe Calabrese , director of the Mood Disorders Program at University Hospitals, said it is impossible to diagnose Sheen without a proper examination, but also said he is exhibiting some of the classic signs of the manic phase of bipolar disorder.

    “The highs get worse and then people begin to do things that they regret having done,” he said.

    Dr. Calabrese said some of the signs include being uninhibited, impulsive, with racing thoughts, jumping from one thing to another, which is also known as “flight of ideas.”Link (http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/health/is-charlie-sheen-bipolar-local-experts-weigh-in)

    I would bet this was a problem that's been increasing over time, and his two or three most recent, close-together binges probably brought the disease roaring out.

    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. Intense lightning storms mixed
  • Intense lightning storms mixed

  • Chimera
    Oct 18, 04:47 PM
    Where are these figures?

    The first, third, and fifth are units while the second, forth and sixth are revenue.

    The first two are the last quarter, second two the year ago quarter, and third two are this quarter.


    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. (images via: National
  • (images via: National

  • Snowy_River
    Jul 12, 06:21 PM
    Well thats fine and I understand many people don't need a professional app. But this person was complaining about a consumer app "Pages" not having all the features that he needed. Yet he claims vehemently that Pages can fully replace Word

    Says who? I have used both and frankly I like Word better for handling graphics. Pages is great if your images work with your templates but if they don't you have to fart around with locking and unlocking, grouping and ungrouping, and it is extremely tedious.

    You must not be able to read. Snowy clearly states that .pdf doesn't work for him because it doesn't allow double sided printing.

    Look, I am not trying to say Pages is useless. It is a very nice "Consumer level" app. Yes, some pros could make use of it but some pros could also use VI in the terminal window too. Does that mean that it is as useful or has the same features as the "Pro App" MS Word. No.:rolleyes:

    Well, it seems that you didn't read my earlier posts. I'm not complaining that Pages doesn't have all the features that I need. I'm asking if there was a way to do what I was trying to do. The answer was yes, and it was quite straight forward.

    Also, I take it that you didn't read what I said about the idea of there being "professional" and "consumer" apps. I think it's BS. These are just tools. In fact, based on the argument that Pages isn't a "professional" app because it can't handle printing this way, then MS Word hasn't been a "professional" app until the latest version, because it couldn't either. That's the problem. Where do you draw the line and say "if it can do XYZ then it's a professional app, if it can't then it isn't"?

    And, yes, PDF will work fine for me. I was objecting to PDF because I was trying to basically "print" my booklet myself to a PDF file that could simply be printed on any printer by any minimum wage employee. But, as was pointed out, print shops have nice big fancy printers run by people who know what they're doing (at least in theory) that will take a simple, sequential PDF file and properly print it to the correct panel and correct side automatically. It probably works much better than MS Word does, and, by letting someone who works with it all day long do their job, it relieves me of one more thing that I have to worry about figuring out how to do. So, PDF will work for me.

    Now, can we drop this whole "professional" vs. "consumer" app business? Lord knows, Pages is quite capable of producing very professional results. I've done it. Just because it doesn't have all of the features that MS Word has doesn't mean it isn't or can't be used as a professional application.

    An analogy just leapt to mind. In the world of Mechanical CAD, there are a lot of programs out there that you can use. One example is Pro-Engineer. This is a top of the line product and you can actually spend more than $100,000 on a single licensed seat (tricked out with a lot of add-ons). There is no doubt that this is a professional application (if only because no consumer in his right mind would spend the money on it). In comparison, consider something like AutoCAD. AutoCAD costs a measly $1400, and it has nowhere near the capabilities of ProE. So, by your logic, AutoCAD must not be a "professional" app, but a "consumer" app.

    I've known a lot of engineers that would find such an assertion highly offensive.

    So, it all comes back to the point that these are tools. It's what the tool is used for that makes it a professional tool or a consumer tool. And I'd guess that MS Word is used quite a bit as a consumer tool, and Pages is being used as a professional tool, too.

    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. volcano-lightning-1.jpg
  • volcano-lightning-1.jpg

  • Eldiablojoe
    Apr 30, 01:10 PM
    Thanks for another great game guys. I apparently choked it from the beginning, not sure how you all saw through me so easily. I tried my best to cast our biopsied friend -aggie- under the bus, to cloud people's opinions and to get them to question their analyses all to no avail. Well played! No hard feelings


    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. http://news.nationalgeographic
  • http://news.nationalgeographic

  • jonnysods
    Mar 31, 10:46 AM
    That brown looks like little baby poop.

    It's an improvement in the UI though. iCal needed an update big time.

    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. iceland volcano eruption
  • iceland volcano eruption

  • guzhogi
    Jun 6, 10:38 AM
    There was a similar story a few months ago about the I am Rich app. Some people thought it was a joke so they bought not realizing it was real.

    As for wanting / not wanting kids. I don't know. Part of me would like kids one day. On the other hand, I'm afraid I'd mess them up.


    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. Icelandic Volcano along with
  • Icelandic Volcano along with

  • xfiftyfour
    Jul 24, 08:55 PM
    sounds interesting, though i have a feeling many people will just ignore the feature and end up touching the screen anyway, lol.

    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. volcano-lightning_5_(
  • volcano-lightning_5_(

  • ucfgrad93
    Feb 28, 01:53 PM
    More Charlie Sheen cats here (http://mediumlarge.wordpress.com/2011/02/24/cats-quote-charlie-sheen/) and here. (http://mediumlarge.wordpress.com/2011/02/28/cats-quote-charlie-sheen-morning-news-edition/)

    Thanks for the links! They were pretty funny. Here is my favorite.


    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. Eyjafjallajokull Volcano
  • Eyjafjallajokull Volcano

  • nagromme
    Jul 24, 05:34 PM
    I love the shape of the Mighty Mouse, but not the function (weird right-click). Or the name :)

    It's a personal call, and I could get used to it, but for ME, I'd choose a different mouse.

    I also have done a 180 on Bluetooth: I now feel that for ME, batteries and charging are more of a hassle than a single cord.

    But I wouldn't mind a BT mouse as PowerBook/MacBook's travel companion.

    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. Iceland Volcano Eruption
  • Iceland Volcano Eruption

  • sketchy
    May 3, 07:44 AM
    store's up - also - the macbook pro's are listed as new. Not sure if they were bumped recently, or if they slid them in with the imacs


    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. National Geographic News
  • National Geographic News

  • nies
    Apr 25, 11:18 PM
    and Plutonious, are you voting for me only since i voted for you?

    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. National Geographic Visions of
  • National Geographic Visions of

  • FroMann
    Apr 29, 05:08 PM
    No problem for me, I buy from both iTunes and Amazon. I tend to buy CDs anyway.

    national geographic iceland volcano lightning. Most lightning bolts are small
  • Most lightning bolts are small

  • kiljoy616
    Apr 28, 09:56 PM
    Ok, so maybe now we know how they fixed the bleeding problem with the light, make it thicker added more layers to to make sure they don't have the light problem.

    Either way you either like it or not, I will stick with black :)

    Apr 13, 03:45 PM
    It would sport of course Airplay and Retinal on a 60" model in other words 4K TV for the masses. :-P


    Think long and hard about whatever complaint/excuse people have about TVs. Think about whatever technical explanation is required for use.
    Think about how to get rid of it.

    Resolution, framerate, bit rate, and color depth so high the actual figures are irrelevant.
    Wiring irrelevant (save only power). Either wireless, or "anything goes".
    Effortless 3D (glasses-less, lenticular, and/or head tracking).
    Minimal, intuitive interface (barely-there remote, or iPad like).

    Not saying it would be all or any of these.
    Saying it will be a "why didn't we think of, or do, that" obvious step.

    And just insufficient enough to keep the haters happy.

    Apr 14, 08:31 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    now we pretty much know iphone 5 wont be out until spetember/october. the earliest

    Apr 26, 01:50 PM
    No cloud for me.

    Paying 20 bucks a year is not much, but I'm also paying 60 bucks a month for standard Internet access, and 30 bucks a month for my Phone's data+voice plan. To make matters worse Dutch telco's, one by one, are starting to impose data limits on their plans which means that if you go over the limit, they make you pay through the nose.

    No, thanks.

    Jul 26, 05:04 PM
    I sent Apple a long description about how to build a GPS location service into .Mac, iPods, PowerMacs, and with a proximity sensor.

    This was right after the kid in NY was killed for his iPod.

    Remember SJ promised a fix for this.

    I wonder if the proximity sensor will be wiresless disposable earphones :confused:

    As for REMOTE TOUCH I still think all touch screen actions will work best with the fingers on the BACK of the device and with them graphically and transparently reflected over the interface.

    And probably the ULTIMATE use of finger laser tracking would be a keyboard that has keys with multiple depths, dispose of those shift keys ! I also sent them a suggestion for a keyboard like this but that idea did not use laser tracking, it used a new type of button :eek:

    If the touch area for the hands were just flat wings on the back the swung outwards, they could also act as a support for the screen EXACTLY LIKE the traditional book holder:eek: :eek: :eek:

    Apr 13, 07:52 PM
    Why won't this rumor die?! Seriously. It makes MUCH more sense to make a set top box that is compatible with any tv, and thus have wider appeal and adoption than to make a TV that has to compete with every other TV manufacturer out there. This is not Apple's game. Their game it to look at a market that is not currently being exploited to its full extent, figure out what people may want, then come in and redefine that niche. Worked with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. There were predecessor in each of these markets but Apple came in and completely dominated it because they redefined it and tied it into a (relatively) easy to use ecosystem. Ok, it a really easy to use ecosystem, just slow and bloated. :D

    I agree this is a silly idea. Who in the world would want the Apple TV integrated into a TV? What happens when an updated Apple TV is released the next year? Toss out the TV and buy another? Most people going in and buying a new large screen HDTV are planning to keep it a lot longer then the peripherals attached to it. If some new device comes out, no problem, just plug it into your TV. The other thing is that the TV market is very a very mature and saturated market with some big well known brands behind it.

    I suppose they could make the content device separate like the current Apple TV which can be attached with an HDMI cable. If they do that what is the point of an Apple branded TV which would likely be built by another company like Samsung, LG or Sharp? Styling and a logo with a higher price? Nonsense.

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