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bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2

bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. ernard hopkins vs jean pascal
  • ernard hopkins vs jean pascal

  • imnotatfault
    Aug 19, 08:41 AM
    Taking a good look at Leopard and what's on Tiger, I think that the majority of changes are either evolutionary or not really that exciting. /yawn

    Well, at least with the new iChat features people MIGHT actually start using iChat instead of Adium. Maybe?

    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. Bernard Hopkins vs. Jean
  • Bernard Hopkins vs. Jean

  • mKizzo
    Apr 13, 08:41 PM
    That is why iPhone (4) sales will remain close to zero until the iPhone 5 introduction. A white iPhone 4 will not change that very much. :rolleyes:

    LOL. I think sales won't be anywhere "close to zero" for the remaining months. Not everyone in the world is monitoring macrumours website. ;)

    Millions of people don't even know a new revision is due soon, not to mention people who's contract expires and can't wait without a new handset for 3-5 months. Sales will continue just fine.

    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. Bernard Hopkins vs Jean Pascal
  • Bernard Hopkins vs Jean Pascal

  • mojohanna
    Oct 18, 06:28 PM
    Having looked at the numbers in more detail it is interesting that compared to the year ago quarter desktop sales are relatively static and pretty much all the growth in mac shipments is in the portable lines. Good to see Apple add 1bn to revenue anyhow.
    Due to late intro of the mac Pro. I would bet that desktops will increase in sales for Q1

    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. Jean Pascal vs Jean Pascal vs
  • Jean Pascal vs Jean Pascal vs

  • SactoGuy18
    May 1, 11:16 PM
    CIA (http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/source-al-qaida-head-bin-laden-dead-us-in-possession-of-body-obama-to-speak-sunday-night/2011/05/01/AF1D5hVF_story.html?hpid=z1) operation apparently.

    The whole operation sounds like something the fictional Clark and Chavez leading a very small Rainbow Six unit from a Tom Clancy novel would do. :)


    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. JEAN PASCAL vs. BERNARD

  • longofest
    Dec 1, 02:14 PM
    Apple definitely needs to get more serious about security. As more people start to buy Macs, more people will start to tinker and find holes. I hope Apple will rise to the challenge.

    My feelings exactly. Its bad enough that the vulnerabilities are "easy" to discover and puncture, but as the marketshare goes up, there is no doubt that we are going to get exploited more and more, and I really don't want our OS caught with its pants down by its ankles like Windows.

    Apple has a couple of advantages by being Unix based, but because its a hybrid kernel, like LMH said, they also get some inevitable vulnerabilities. They gotta get a bit more serious about auditing their code. For all of the problems MS has had, I will say this. At least they have already had them, and by now have gotten such an auditing system in place that "dummy" vulnerabilities don't get through in releases as easily.

    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. Jean Pascal and Bernard
  • Jean Pascal and Bernard

  • DTphonehome
    Jul 21, 12:35 PM
    Not surprising given that Gateway's market share numbers come directly from the extremely low margin, low end systems they are dumping on the market. In other words they have higher volumes but they are making next to nothing (for some nearly selling at a loss) in order to get those volumes.

    ...basically the stock market knows that Gateway is not a very safe bet...

    Which is exactly why Dell is taking a beating today (down 12%). Their margins are so low that any downturn in sales has a devastating effect on their profits. Apple has much larger margins (as they don't sell $300 computers), so they can afford a small downturn in sales (which isn't happening now anyway).


    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. Jean Pascal vs Bernard Hopkins
  • Jean Pascal vs Bernard Hopkins

  • Digital Skunk
    May 3, 09:15 AM
    It annoys me too but it works out pretty well for Apple and I'd much rather pay extra for the i7 than not have the option at all. Look at the latest MBPs compared to the previous ones, Apple bumped the GPUs up significantly but charged $200 more and yet everyone is happy.

    True, but I've always had the sense that MBP owners are just used to paying a lot more for a machine than most everyone else.

    I strongly suggest against a refurbished model of older revisions. It is similar to purchasing a Core 2 model. The base 21.5" Sandy Bridge once it hits refurb would be tempting at ~$999.

    Agreed about the Core2 models, but I still think it would depend on the price of the refurbed. There's a 3.33GHz core 2 duo on there for $1040, and a 3.06GHz Core i3 for $930; same GPU different HDD size. The i3 would be the better choice if one weren't able to get the extra $200 or so for a new model.

    This is the first worthwhile iMac solely based on the stillborn potential of Thunderbolt and the quad on the base models. It only took 5 years.

    QFT. My initial post in this thread mentioned the Old Skool Apple because at the very least we've got iMacs that don't offer 80% laptop parts with a nice screen. I'd say we are at 40% laptop parts now.

    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. ernard hopkins vs jean pascal
  • ernard hopkins vs jean pascal

  • Arnopoulos
    Apr 14, 07:28 AM
    My app isn't a universal binary and it still has that place holder.

    Bubble Poppers (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bubble-poppers/id430732045?mt=8&ls=1)


    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. II: Pascal vs. Hopkins”
  • II: Pascal vs. Hopkins”

  • TonyC28
    Apr 13, 07:58 PM
    Ha...who cares anymore??

    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. ernard hopkins vs jean pascal
  • ernard hopkins vs jean pascal

  • skunk
    May 2, 02:53 AM
    Since when was burial at sea a Muslim tradition? :confused:

    I can hardly hear myself think for all the crowing around here.


    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. Hopkins vs. Pascal Presser
  • Hopkins vs. Pascal Presser

  • Blue Fox
    Apr 22, 09:38 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    It's WiMax.. iPhone is going to be LTE. Apple is obsessed with thin design. Using two separate chip for 3G and 4G will make things too tight. I'm guessing they want the hybrid chip..

    Using two separate chips eats battery life. Not to mention LTE is still "just" coming out, so it won't be widespread enough to take advantage of it until 2012 anyway.

    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. Bernard Hopkins vs. Jean
  • Bernard Hopkins vs. Jean

  • macphoria
    Apr 23, 03:41 AM
    Where is the love?



    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. See gallery Bernard Hopkins
  • See gallery Bernard Hopkins

  • iMikeT
    Jul 24, 08:08 PM
    After seeing the update along with the photos, I'm really going to have to fight the urge to get one of these.

    What makes it worse is that I will have to purchase a Bluetooth dongle.

    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. Watch Hopkins vs Pascal Online
  • Watch Hopkins vs Pascal Online

  • Iconoclysm
    Apr 21, 11:46 PM
    ooo come on kiddo :) may be you should advice steve jobs on how to run a company... the guy has only turned apple from bankruptcy to one of the biggest and most admired companies in the world today. but he surely doesnt have a clue of what he is doing :)

    lol, I think you missed his sarcasm to inject your own.


    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. Jean Pascal Vs Bernard Hopkins
  • Jean Pascal Vs Bernard Hopkins

  • Jony Mac
    Mar 31, 10:38 AM
    wow..that looks ugly

    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. Bernard Hopkins Speaks Out:
  • Bernard Hopkins Speaks Out:

  • i�aki'sonMac'87
    Oct 24, 08:35 AM
    I just had called to Apple store, and they are going to take my week old MBP CD and are giong to give me the new ones, do anybody know if, with the eductational discount, is any problem? how much do I hve to pay (if I have to pay anything)?
    Is the cutted Serial Number of the box considered as I broke something?
    just want a 15,4" , 2Gb RAM, 120 HDD and DVD 2L6x....sweet machine


    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. Bernard Hopkins Record
  • Bernard Hopkins Record

  • pmz
    May 4, 09:28 AM
    damn, I planning on leaving for the Navy before August, this does not play well for me :(

    Then don't go.

    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. Bernard Hopkins of the USA has
  • Bernard Hopkins of the USA has

  • nishioka
    Apr 28, 08:56 PM
    If I look at people with their iphones, i see like less than 5% using anything on their phones. And all of them use the Apple bumper on some iphone 4. I've seen hundreds of iphones in the wild, but I still have to see one non-bumper case in the wild.

    Anecdotal evidence is so exciting!

    bernard hopkins vs jean pascal 2. Pascal (26-1-1,
  • Pascal (26-1-1,

  • *LTD*
    Apr 22, 05:00 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; de-de) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    nah there r better looking HTC out there by now, the new one they got (forgot its name) with the slide out keyboard is pure sex ^^

    If it has a slide-out keyboard it's already fail.

    Jun 6, 08:23 AM
    Where's the personal responsibility/Apple shouldn't do things for their customer comments? I thought that was all the rage now a days...

    Apr 14, 12:53 PM
    I agree with the animation glitches. For the 5 minutes I've had it on my iPhone (Did a restore, instead of upgrade), haven't noticed animation glitches like I did with 4.3 and 4.3.1, so I would say that it's a safe bet to upgrade it. Everything seems to be a lot more fluid this time around. Hope that helps. Enjoy!

    Can you open a third party app (like a game or news app) that isn't already running in the background and let us know if the launch animation runs or whether it still just "pops" on screen like in 4.3 and 4.3.1 ...

    Apr 15, 08:56 PM
    It's paper and nothing more. Whenever some Mac weenie is like "we're REAL UNIX unlike Linux" I know I can safely just slap him. Certification means very little. Actual POSIX compliance—among other things—is what matters.

    Certification means executing a test suite successfully, which includes a full POSIX compliance module. So what you say matters is what OS X has. But you knew that right ?

    Getting the right to use the Unix trademark from The Open Group is far from a trivial matter that means very little. You'd have to know very little about what it means to be UNIX certified to post such a comment.

    Jan 26, 02:08 AM
    Post Your Last Purchase XV...WOWEEE! (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1053646) at 57 pages and 2265 posts later, it was time.

    I was waiting for it to hit 100 pages on my end before starting a new thread. :( Oh well.

    Celebrated the completion of a 4 hour residency interview at UCSF with dinner at Wayfare Tavern where my cousin works.

    Jason Beck
    Apr 5, 10:27 PM
    She glows! I really like this just as it is, but I was thinking the same thing as Rowbear. How would it work if you went even lower, so the camera was looking up at her just a little?

    I'll try and remember that next time I shoot. I also think maybe just a little lower probably would have been more dramatic. Toddlers/young kids are a blast to shoot with when they get along good. I'm getting better at coaching them to be nice more so than when I started!

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