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map of dc metro

map of dc metro. Map of washington dc metro
  • Map of washington dc metro

  • zedsdead
    Apr 12, 09:40 PM
    Based on the name, this is obviously going to require heavy support from Quicktime X, which is not getting an update until Lion. Don't expect this before June.

    map of dc metro. DC Metro Transit - Free
  • DC Metro Transit - Free

  • BJB Productions
    Apr 12, 10:09 PM
    ...and what about the rest of the Pro apps? Just wondering.

    map of dc metro. Washington D.C. Metro Map and
  • Washington D.C. Metro Map and

  • ghostface147
    Mar 24, 01:58 PM
    Can it run crysis 2?

    map of dc metro. DC Metro Map amp; Travel
  • DC Metro Map amp; Travel

  • Joshuarocks
    Mar 25, 12:15 AM
    This sounds interesting. Now I'm anticipating the iMac/MP refresh even more....

    The possibility of off-the-shelf options looks even better, though. Potential expansion of MP life span?

    Imac refresh is more imminent than the MP refresh - for all we know, middle of 2012 the latest or even later, as Apple clearly sees no interest in Mac Pro as much as the Laptops, iMac, and others, esp the iphone 5 coming up. Mac Pro simply doesn't top the list, unfortionately, but sad to say the 6-core is going to be my LAST Mac Pro as I am not using it to its full potential due to lack of interest in multi-threaded apps and no use for such applications.. Only got the 6-core w3680 for prolonging the machine.

    map of dc metro. in DC Metropolitan area.
  • in DC Metropolitan area.

  • twoodcc
    Feb 17, 10:15 PM
    That is too bad, I am trying to get ssh to work on one of my ubuntu boxes from wich I hope to be able to administer the other systems.

    It's called Murphy's law - whatever can go wrong will go wrong... especially when you can't do anything about it.

    Thanks. maybe I'll be 10 mil by the end of the month :D

    thanks. i really can't figure out what happened.

    good for you :)

    hey, what ppd are you averaging for you mac pro and i7?

    map of dc metro. paris metro map pdf. Dc Metro
  • paris metro map pdf. Dc Metro

  • bluewire
    Sep 1, 02:08 PM
    So is Conroe

    I know. :) I agree with you tho, I do want a Conroe in my new iMac. Damn it, 2 more weeks. :(

    map of dc metro. Map of Washington Marriott At
  • Map of Washington Marriott At

  • paul4339
    Apr 26, 01:42 PM
    Amazon could have just used "AppShop" to avoid this issue, but no, of course not.

    they should use Amazon App Jungle: an un-curated mess. ;)

    map of dc metro. Washington DC Metro Map
  • Washington DC Metro Map

  • iBookG4user
    Sep 6, 08:09 PM
    Dude, the MBP was updated in late April of this year, why would you think it'll be updated four and a half months later??
    A very slight upgrade to the processor hardly says anything about when an update will come to the MBP. But I certainly hope it comes before October.

    map of dc metro. white-house-map
  • white-house-map

  • rhythmac
    Nov 27, 04:36 PM
    Stop buying things for yourself! 'Tis the season of giving, you know.

    but I need so many things! Am I selfish?...well maybe a little, but don't judge!!!!

    map of dc metro. maps of DC#39;s Metro.
  • maps of DC#39;s Metro.

  • Surely
    Nov 27, 01:59 AM

    Replacing my quote with a cliche picture...... how witty.

    Oh, I think you missed an 'e'.

    /been a member for over three years, never been called that before:rolleyes:



    I bought two more iPad apps. Both are pool games..... I couldn't figure out which to buy, so I bought them both. So far, Pool Bar > Pool Pro Online 3

    http://a1.phobos.apple.com/us/r1000/018/Purple/90/60/ab/mzl.qihqavai.480x480-75.jpg http://theportablegamer.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/photo-13.png

    map of dc metro. new dc metro, wmata Map
  • new dc metro, wmata Map

  • scrapple
    Jun 24, 09:06 AM
    apple will do anything to sell more apps and make more money..

    its all about money now.. sad..

    map of dc metro. Washington DC Metro Area
  • Washington DC Metro Area

  • garybUK
    Feb 24, 03:13 AM
    Hold it right there! The Kia models sold in Europe actually nowadays borrow from the current Hyundai Motor Company parts bin, and as such are way more civilized cars. Anyone who's driven the Kia Cee'd hatchback in Europe know it's a way better car than people think.

    Your using Hyundai to make Kia/Chevy seem a good car?! hah, the ONLY good Hyundai is the Coupe, all the others are pretty nasty.

    Most of the dealerships here lump Proton, Hyundai and Kia... why? they are cheap cars for mums and old people that goto the supermarket, they are no where near upto the quality of the big german cars. Even most jap cars are pretty rubbish to be honest, even Honda dealers are shutting down left, right and centre, GM (Opel/Vauxhall's) new Astra's and the other bigger horrible thing, seem to have just styled them on the Japanese cars... yuk! World cars do not work, different markets want different things.

    map of dc metro. Washington DC Metro Map
  • Washington DC Metro Map

  • diamond.g
    Mar 24, 03:47 PM
    Anytime OS X detects quartz, OpenGL, etc. it kicks in. You get the idea. Generally when those are detected you tend to be doing something that will require heavy load(or heavier load).


    Like running the new FF 4 (which appears to trigger the dGPU now for no apparent reason). Or when Safari needs to update its thumbnails and the dGPU kicks on.


    Hopefully Apple will improve the switchover to make it more frugal.

    map of dc metro. The Washington, D.C. Metro
  • The Washington, D.C. Metro

  • interlard
    Sep 7, 01:25 PM
    I want to RENT a movie for a few dollars, not buy it for $10-$15. Doh!

    Imagine if you had to OWN every movie you'd ever seen?

    map of dc metro. Screenshot of DC Metro Map
  • Screenshot of DC Metro Map

  • twoodcc
    Mar 28, 12:03 AM
    I just realized that mc68k hasn't had any points since the 14th of March, hope he hasn't gotten in trouble for folding on company machines...

    yeah i noticed that also. i hope he's able to fold again soon

    I have it all back together now and hope to ride it tomorrow, weather permitting. The paint chip didn't look like this, but I love it! The original silver frame and pipes contrast nicely.


    map of dc metro. Washington D.C. - Metro Map
  • Washington D.C. - Metro Map

  • rdowns
    Mar 22, 01:03 PM
    At my base they picket outside of the entrance gates every thursday. And all military members are to take a different entrance to avoid getting hurt. They have signs saying horrible comments and they attack you and your vehicle. Yes they get arrested if they attack anything, but at least 1 gets hurt a week. As for funerals somehow they find out where they are and play music, throw a party, cause a nascence basically to ruin the moment of memory and putting someone to rest.

    How about a link?

    Busted. The IT company owner who happens to serve in the military at the same time. Busy life.

    His profile says he's the Director of IT. Who am I to question that?

    So two questions (I will try to write out as best as I can, hopefully it's understandable).
    1: Is it possible that while I am on a business trip with my laptop that if I needed to access my network at work that I can remotely access it to view computers on the network with abilities to grab files from a computer, check things / alter things, and maintain. If so how?

    2: If someone is on my network is it possible to see what traffic they are bringing in or out of my network without installing a file on their pc / mac to know the site they entered, file download, etc.

    Thanks team.

    map of dc metro. Map of Metropolitan Washington
  • Map of Metropolitan Washington

  • EricNau
    Sep 6, 05:58 PM
    For 10 to 15 bucks these videos better be a higher quality than their current videos in the iTunes Music Store.

    I was hoping they'd be releasing a Mac Media Center to compliment this movie service, but after today's iMac update that seems unlikely (the 24" iMac would have been the perfect all-in-one media mac).

    As for Disney and Apple, who would have thought! :eek: ;) :p

    map of dc metro. Washington Dc Metro Map
  • Washington Dc Metro Map

  • millerb7
    May 3, 06:58 AM
    Okay, stupid question, sort of related.

    I'm running optibay on my MBP (SSD & HDD with SSD split running my apps and OS, and then Win7, and my HDD acting as my storage drive for my media).... when I install Lion how crazy is that going to get?

    I HIGHLY doubt (but do hopelessly hope [yes, I know]) that it'll be as easy as swapping my snow leopard with Lion... meaning that my Win7 will remain.... although for some reason I feel that I'll need to format the entire SSD, thus erasing my win7 install?

    The only reason I ask is that it's a pita to install Win7 with this setup due to Win7 not loading from disk via USB... so I have to remove the damn optibay and put my optical drive back in.

    So basically, I assume I have to re-link my OSX (as it's split now between ssd and hdd)... but do I have to erase my Win7 install as well on the SSD?

    map of dc metro. Metro In Washington DC
  • Metro In Washington DC

  • ArtOfWarfare
    Apr 12, 08:25 PM
    Normally I go spoiler-free, but given I seriously doubt Apple will release an official video for download, I'll just follow twitter feeds as this unfolds...

    Nov 27, 01:56 PM
    i would like to see this display option.

    however, as stated, coming from DigiTimes this could just be hot air. :rolleyes:

    Aug 30, 03:50 AM
    Those speeds line up exactly with the T5000 series of Merom.

    Intel T2400 Core Duo Yonah 1.83GHz 667MHz 2MB, Retail, BX80539T2400
    Intel T2300 Core Duo Yonah 1.66Ghz 667MHz 2MB, Retail, BX80539T2300

    Looks like the CPU speeds match onto Yonah parts too :rolleyes:

    Aug 29, 09:23 AM
    Why is everyone so hung up on Merom?

    I never expected the mini to go that way this year. Remember, the entire point of the mini is to be LOW COST.

    The switch to Intel caused the price of the mini to jump $100. I would much rather see its processor lag behind a little bit if they can get that price back to $499.

    Same thing with the Macbook, I'd rather see a $999 Macbook with the current chips than a $1,099 Macbook that keeps up with the Macbook Pro's chips.

    Of course, there's nothing saying Apple will lower the prices but IF they do then I would be very happy to see the "old" Intel chips stay in those machines another 6 months. The first core chips are still VERY fast chips, it's the rest of the system (video card) that's holding things up now. I wonder how much extra benefit you'd even get from a Merom chip in a mini.

    I agree, if the mac mini is dropped in price but keeps the Core Duo, I think that is a logical step. I think one of the original ideas of the mini was to tempt switchers, who already have a PC, but want to try a mac for cheap. I was nearly tempted last year, but held off for the Intel Update, and then decided I wanted a laptop instead.

    However if they keep prices the same, then that seems a strange decision.

    I have to say though I hope u are wrong with regard to the Macbooks, i'm hoping for a Core 2 Duo update so I can purchase my first mac. Maybe if they don't i'll just save up some more money and buy and Core 2 Duo MBP when they're released!!

    M. Malone
    Oct 24, 02:05 AM
    this is OG stiff one

    it appears you forgot about that light that dims and brightens when the machine sleeps :D

    Sep 1, 12:54 PM
    23" Imac is a great size. Add HD resolution then that's great.
    I would love to see dual display support. But I highly doubt they will allow it. Apple wants to make sure there is a distinction between their consumer and pro line. It would be cool to have the Imac 23" with a 23" Cinema display next to it.You must have been asleep for the past 8 months. Since the January Intel iMacs, they already have spaning support up to the 23" 1920x1200 external displays. The advance we need is DUAL-DVI so they can span to $2k 30" displays Apple would love to sell more of.

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