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  • AlanAudio
    Aug 15, 06:02 PM
    You're crazy. :) But one thing I would like to see is a free upgrade to iLife for everyone who upgrades Leopard. Or else some kind of Leopard / iLife buy-together discount. That would be most welcome.


    Obviously we'd all like to get something for nothing, but as the newest OS and the newest iApps both come for free with every new Mac, the boxed versions are effectively upgrades and Apple would feel that they're offering them at reduced prices anyway compared to their full value.

    But I'd love to be wrong on this.

    Which reminds me. Every time I've bought an OS upgrade ( for as long as I can remember - probably back to OS 7 ) there has been a set of coupons included to prove that I purchased it. Has there ever been a scheme where customers actually get something in exchange for those coupons ?

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  • Chase R
    Dec 4, 03:38 PM
    well, im only 17 and .223 is just to expensive for me to shoot...

    and I dont know why I like the sig so much, I was at gander mountain the other day, and was feeling out all of the other .22's and it just feels the best to me...

    it's going to be ether the sig, or the smith and wesson M&P 15-22. that is a nice gun also...

    The .223 is pretty cheap to shoot if you buy bulk ammo. You can get 500 rounds for less than $150.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 14, 12:22 PM
    The Apple TV 2 is selling well because it offers a lot of features in a small package for a small price.

    Creating a new AppleTV within a TV is not practical. It has nothing to do with whether or not Apple could do it well.

    You are not going to get people who just purchased a TV in the last 2 years to replace it simply to have AppleTV embedded within the TV when they can buy a $99 box. And people shopping for a TV are likely to opt for having the AppleTV puck + a TV without the feature built in. People know that these devices will be upgraded and they will end up replacing the internal AppleTV with an external of the next version in a few years. So why bother? Remember when the gimmick was to have the VHS and/or DVD built in? Are people now clamoring for Blu-ray built in? No. People get it. Keep the devices separate so they can be mixed and matched and failure of one component doesn't mean replacing all.

    Its just not going to happen. There will be and AppleTV 3 someday I'm sure. But not a TV with AppleTV built in.

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  • bilbo--baggins
    Jul 24, 04:35 PM
    Bah, these things are rubbish. The scroll wheel clogs up with dirt, just as scroll ball mice did in days gone by - except there is no user access to clean it thoroughly. Apple need to re-think the design on this one before updating it.

    Why fix this problem now? Surely they will make more money if they bring out a bluetooth version with all the flaws of the wired version, and then next year bring out the new improved version with a solid state scroll pad, independent side buttons, ability to press the middle button while holding down the left button (ie. to drag an object between applications, with my old M$ mouse I would click and hold on a picture, press the scroll wheel to change applications, then drop the picture into iTunes - can't be done with the Mighty mouses single click mechanism).


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  • reflex
    Oct 24, 08:56 AM
    Was the 2.16GHz option for the 17" iMac always there or is it new?

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  • julianbc
    Jan 30, 01:00 PM

    WELL SAID WMK!!! - I most agree with the fact that the RETARID amount of money bush has spent has caused the decline in faith of the dollar!
    I'd also like to add that Apple is by no means the biggest loser in this current stock slide and will come back. google lost $200 a share! so, they'll all come back it's all about confidence in the US not what was released at MW.

    Actually... they almost are. Your GOOG comparison is a bit off. If you look at the highs and lows in the last three months of both goog and aapl, you will notice that AAPL dropped ~35% from its high of 200 and GOOG dropped ~27% from its high of 741. VMW took a huge hit yesterday, but it was ~33% and its already climbing back up today.

    For the record, I am long AAPL, but I'd have to say it has been one of biggest, if not the biggest, large cap tech loser. But I'm gonna hold on.


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  • Gugulino
    Mar 31, 05:04 PM
    I thought that the inverse scrolling was a bug, but in Lion Dev Preview 2 it is still there :eek:

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  • iApples
    May 1, 11:35 PM
    I guess Osama Bin Ladin's iPhone tipped Pres. Obama off.

    I heard he didn't disable the location service on his newly purchased Tweetbot app. That damn Twitter will get you every time.


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  • Iconoclysm
    Apr 21, 11:42 PM

    That and Apples incredible profit is what makes them look so paranoid, petty, and stupid.

    Instead of acting like the world class company they could be, Apple comes across as fools.

    I must admit, I'm much happier being seen with my Galaxy S.

    When one is seen in this town (New York) with an iPhone they look at you like "oh, you're one of those snobs".

    Yet the irony is they're a dime a dozen here.

    Actually, the irony is that the people who are looking at you and judging you based on your phone are the snobs.

    Apple certainly doesn't come across as fools for protecting their designs. And if you know a little bit about how this works, you'd know that by not protecting it, they forfeit the right to protect it in the future if the same thing happens. Then again, that's for corporate lawyers to handle, it's not a marketing decision. And...being a public company, they have an obligation to their shareholders to not allow these kind of infringements. But yeah, I can see how this is easily percieved as bullying, or stupid, by people who can't see the forest through the trees such as yourself.

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  • Billy Boo Bob
    Jun 7, 03:36 AM
    I like the idea of being able to "buy" a free app on the phone without a password. My iTunes account password is a long mix of letters and numbers, and easy to type on a physical keyboard, but it's a pain in the ass to type out on the phone's funky keyboard just to update or grab free stuff.

    As for the OP, I think Apple would have suffered a pretty bad PR rap if they didn't refund them.


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  • elray
    Apr 14, 08:30 AM
    I will probably buy the white iPhone 4 if it really does come out this month. My current (and first) iPhone is a refurbed white 3g with a cracked screen. I had planned on upgrading to the white iPhone 4 until they kept pushing the release back, then seemingly cancelled it completely. I was just going to wait for the 5 at that point, but now with the rumored delay I don't think I want to wait until fall (or later) for a new phone.

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  • LarryC
    Apr 25, 01:50 PM
    I hope by "next week" they mean "tomorrow"...

    I hope that you are correct, but it does mention May 2nd and 3rd. I know that we will have thunderbolt, but I would also love to see USB 3.0 and Firewire 800. And some impressive GPU options.


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  • peapody
    Sep 13, 06:33 PM
    ^^^The food's pretty good. I was never disappointed.

    Nice edit.:D

    Tried to be good to the mods to reduce their headache. haha..but alas a purchase is a purchase.

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  • kirk26
    Apr 14, 10:48 AM
    Looks like a bar of soap. Which I guess is OK. It IS different, 'fresh', and will make a fashion statement for those who care about such things.

    I guess that not many people on here remember the white iPods and white iBooks back in the day. Man, I miss that white finish. I might just buy the white iPhone at full price.


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  • Surely
    Feb 25, 09:50 AM
    That`s not a sit-com, it`s a fly on the wall documentary :D

    It's not a sitcom, because:

    sitcom = situational comedy

    That show is/was not funny.

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  • MacNut
    May 1, 11:19 PM
    What do you expect?! If a very important leader like the president got killed by the Taliban, the Americans would be very angry and would want revenge. Same goes to the Taliban. It will only make situations worse. Let's just hope that it doesn't.They also mocked us saying we would never catch him. Well we caught him and we won't stop.


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  • atari1356
    Oct 24, 07:45 AM
    From the press release:

    "up to 39 percent faster than the previous 2.16 GHz MacBook Pro"

    Really? I'd like to see those benchmarks... nice that they finally added FW800 back into the 15" model.

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  • renewed
    Sep 15, 03:13 PM
    And correct terms, too (myosin/actin)!

    That journal looks crazy. Wish it came with the Xbox 360 Bundle.

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  • svenn
    Mar 8, 09:41 PM
    We need an upvoting system like Reddit. Here's a +1 for you.

    Who the hell are we to judge?

    Who said we have to live til 105 years old?

    I have met crazier "normal" people who weren't even on drugs!

    Exactly! He is doing what he wants. Why does he have to do what other people want?

    Also, the more we talk about him, the more he wins. If people continue to talk about him, he will just keep winning. There really is not anything else to discuss, but the media seems to enjoy rehashing his choices for some reason.

    Congrats on the win, Charlie.

    Oct 24, 08:03 AM
    what happened to radical new design?

    Apr 28, 04:02 PM
    Id be interested to know how much thicker it is. Its not issue for 99% of people, but can see how it might mess up some cases

    Jan 30, 05:23 PM
    Tickets, to see:


    All I can say is wow, just wow. No wonder it has a 48% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

    Mar 16, 07:54 AM
    Wool first...In line at Brea. 6 people here total.

    Ni shi zhong guo ren ma?

    If so, I'm in line at Brea as well. Hard to believe that we managed to get in as early as we did.

    Jul 25, 09:51 AM
    Under System Requirements it doesn't mention Windows. Does this mean......?

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