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  • yac_moda
    Jul 17, 02:28 PM
    Originally Posted by Padraig
    Don't know how true this is, but if correct demonstrates MS determination to take losses to dominate the market. From Engadget,

    But it gets better. To attract current iPod users Microsoft is going to let you download for free any songs you've already bought from the iTunes Music Store. They'll actually scan iTunes for purchased tracks and then automatically add those to your account. Microsoft will still have to pay the rights-holders for the songs, but they believe it'll be worth it to acquire converts to their new player.

    If this is true, it will allow those considering a switch to be a no brainer.

    Good marketing for Microsoft.


    YAH !!! Great JOBs MS between their new music store, hemorrhaging Box, and brilliant marketing of constantly diluting their installed base with new solutions that don't solve anything and overpriced licensing they will be in the poor house in no time.

    Remember when DELL was a big company, they will simply fade away with a whimper just like DELL did !!! :cool:

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  • dXTC
    Oct 27, 11:48 AM
    I already got two potential Christmas presents early:

    (lovin' it something fierce!)



    Would love to have this:


    or this:


    But since my budget nowadays says "oh hells to the naw", I'll probably have to settle for this:


    It's the 3-CD box set of Howard Jones's first two albums, being released soon on his Dtox label. Warner/Elektra gave Howard and his keyboard tech Robbie Bronnimann access to the original master tapes, and they've digitally remastered the albums with reportedly much better sound quality than the original CD issues. The third bonus disc, named after his rare "Risk" singles, contains live tracks from early performances.

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  • Xibalba
    Oct 4, 09:15 PM
    And then these femtocells. If they (the provider) can't give you access you're paying for, is it really fair that they charge you on top of what you're already paying, to sell you a device that is supposed to boost the service you're already paying for?

    no, it's not fair - esp if other providers have good coverage in that same area. it's like you are triple paying - femtocell, wireless phone, and internet - just to get wireless phone which you were already paying for.

    however for me, no cell provider has decent coverage in our home based on terrain/location so i will absolutely pay extra to get better cell coverage in our house - although it really hasn't been too hard to use the vonage line instead of the cell when we are home...but I would love to be able to get cell service for texting especially while in my basement theater/pub area.

    and, yes i have already installed a cell booster in the attic without significant success.

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  • PlipPlop
    Apr 13, 02:31 PM
    No thanks I allready built myself a HTPC which will be better than anything Apple do unless they add OS X into a tv. Even then Id still prefer my HTPC because it runs Windows 7.


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  • gopher
    Jul 31, 12:59 PM
    The Future Shock video here:


    Which was among the Knowledge Navigator videos sounds remarkably like this technology.

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  • ClimbingTheLog
    Jul 24, 10:27 PM
    Make it easy to clean, or I'm sticking with my Kensington Trackball. 10 years, the same design. And I can replace the white trackball with my favorite snooker ball.

    Bah, I upgraded to the USB model after both generations of ADB models finally bit the dust.

    I'd love to get the thing wireless so I can leave it on my desk and show up with my iBook and use it. Same for a full-sized keyboard.

    Has anybody seen a Bluetooth to USB adapter that can present a USB keyboard and mouse to a Bluetooth computer? You'd think such a thing should exist, but I've searched high and low. Complicating things is that there are thousands of USB to Bluetooth adapters that give a host computer Bluetooth functionality which clutter the google results.

    No need for battery powered either, I want a USB keyboard and mouse into one end, power into the other, and Bluetooth out an antenna. I have to believe somebody in Taiwan is churning these out.


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  • Ommid
    Apr 24, 06:36 AM

    The new iPhone 4S!!

    But who finds their iPhone 4 slow anyway!?

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 13, 08:51 PM
    That is why I put a mild sarcasm tag at the end of my post, guess this did not work and I have to use [/sarcasm] to get my point across.

    Opps.... my bad! I swear I can read, I just can't see tonight! :D


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  • chrono1081
    Apr 28, 11:08 AM
    I'm honestly surprised by a lot of you. The whole "no single android phone outsells the iPhone!" argument, is foolish and weak. It's a platform war. You basically get ONE CHOICE with the iPhone. Now it's a great choice, but of course it's going to be a top seller as a result. There are so many good Android choices out there that a single model isn't going to dwarf the others. Since there are, you know, options? As a platform it seems iOS is getting whooped on. Does that not register, or are people that much in denial?

    Now myself, I like my iPhone, but come on...in this case we are talking about platforms...So weird...

    I don't agree with the whole "choices" statement as being a plus side for Android. If you don't like iPhone, don't choose iPhone. If you like Android, choose Android. I don't consider Android having an advantage because its available on more handsets. Most people choose the phone they like and don't care too much about the OS that runs on it. (Seriously go browse a cell phone store for awhile, people are attracted to the hardware and 9 times out of 10 don't care about the OS).

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  • Snowy_River
    Jul 26, 05:52 PM
    As far as the trademark stuff goes, it is the same logic. Apple needs to protect as many derivations of the "*Pod" mark in order to make their Pod trademarks even stronger. Apple will probably never produce something with the "doPod" trademark, but any other company thinking about naming their product the "doPod" will think twice before getting into a legal battle with Apple, who has one of the most recognized digital entertainment trademarks in the world.

    Trademarks must be able to be shown to be in use to be defensible. You cannot simply trademark any name or phrase you want. You have to demonstrate the current or intended future use of the name or phrase.

    With regards to "doPod", Apple doesn't need to trademark that, as they could argue that the name of a device that was called a doPod was too similar to their, already trademarked, device called "iPod".


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  • Oestberg
    Mar 31, 10:52 AM
    The look of iCal in OS X Lion looks horrible right now! They have to change this!

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  • Jason Beck
    Apr 4, 04:05 AM
    Crimple Viaduct, Harrogate

    I am so jealous. Love some of the places people in the UK shoot at. This was well captured. The exposure looks really natural and the green is very vibrant.


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  • peapody
    Jan 30, 09:39 PM
    Just went there for the first time yesterday to be disappointed =/
    Expensive and nothing special. The Habit is a better option imo :)

    Aw I hate it when food is disappointing. I have never had The Habbit, so maybe that is why my five guys burger was delicious haha.

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  • lordonuthin
    Oct 20, 10:01 PM
    check out this thread (http://foldingforum.org/viewtopic.php?t=10697). near the bottom it says about a new binary

    I was looking at that and the link just gives me a whole bunch of binary text crap. I'm not sure what to do with that.


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  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 25, 11:42 AM
    Do you guys think there will there be another refresh with Lion pre-loaded this summer? Im looking to purchase my first mac but wanted to wait until Lion drops.

    No. It will just start shipping with Lion.

    Best case scenario is that the proximity is close enough that they offer some kind of discounted deal, but I doubt that. (apple has been known to offer discounts for products that are purchased right before product launches, though).

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 22, 05:54 PM
    He's referring to inductive charging, not intelligent bezel, if I am correct.

    No, he specifically mentioned the gesture area of the tablet. The quote had nothing to do with inductive charging.


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  • lmalave
    Oct 24, 07:53 AM
    anything for macbooks? please?

    What I'd like is the base MacBook to drop to $999 and the base mini to drop to $499. That's what the G4 versions cost before they were replaced by the Intel versions.

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  • MacNut
    May 1, 11:49 PM
    Comparing him to the President shows just how twisted our population's understanding of Al-Qaeda's current make up has become. He was a leader a decade ago.

    The current iteration of "Al-Qaeda" has only the idea driving it in common with the hierarchical Al-Qaeda of a decade ago.Bin Laden was the figurehead of the organization. Him dead is still a blow to Al-Qaeda. Was he in charge anymore probably not but it is still a big deal that he is dead.

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  • Corey Grandy
    Nov 1, 09:08 AM
    Some shirts:

    The greatest show:

    Adult, Clothbound Harry Potter collection:

    Some games for the 360:

    Apr 7, 09:53 PM
    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5142/5584769910_63235bd2a5_b.jpgFlickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeevesofrkdia/5584769910/)

    Today's shot was taken from a boat underneath a bridge. I totally got lucky on this one. :rolleyes:

    Don't panic
    Apr 29, 12:24 PM
    I scanned eldiablojoe last night. He is a WW.

    Edit: Got out of the hospital and have been sleeping mostly since then. Now I wait for the biopsy results. Thanks for all those concerned.

    take care and get well. hopefully everything is fine.

    Nov 21, 03:27 AM
    I am a VS2005 c# developer (Compact Framework) and in the process of switching to Mac.

    I am currently working exclusivly on a Dell PC, and toying with the idea of throwing away that ugly piece of plastic, and getting a shiny new mac book pro.

    Now here is the thing : how do i keep the great performance i currently have on my Dell ? (bootcamp is out of the question since I do not want to keep booting my machine to check emails etc...)

    Will VMWare cut it ? I head some discussion on the poor performace Parallels has when it comes to disk access (compiling is disk intensive).

    Any thoughts ? did any one here try it ?

    I've been doing full time C# development on Intel Macs (iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro) for about 6 months now. I use Parallels (only because vmware is not available yet) and have no performance problems. Visual studio is not graphically intensive, which is probably the only area where virtual environments suffer these days.

    There are a few quirks that you'll have to work around, such as the F9-F12 keys being mapped in OS X, so if you use these keys for debugging then you'll probably want to remap them, but that's not a big deal, but generally the experience is very good. And of course you can tab between Windows and OS X so that you can have your email and other stuff where it works best and only development stuff in Windows.

    Apr 22, 05:32 PM
    Yep, a touch sensitive home button is the way to go. Will act as the unlock button too. It was about time we got rid of that nasty plastic which breaks very easily.

    Um no, they do not break very easily. Maybe a gorilla might break it easily.

    Nov 30, 09:49 PM
    yeah i know, which stinks, but at least windows 7 is a little better.

    here's the problem for me and the bigadv units: i can't really use the computer for anything else. but with the gpus going, i can still use the system.

    gpu3 will be good, but still, apple doesn't allow for all the video cards though

    At least with my mac pro it is quite usable while running bigadv units, it doesn't feel slow at all and the wu doesn't slow down very much.

    Are there gpu, pci-e, power connectors inside the mac pro? I forgot to look the last time I had mine open.

    I will sell my 2 copies of win 7, and go back to linux, when gpu3 is up and running, it would be nice not to have to buy another copy right now but I don't want to wait for gpu3, which could be weeks or months before it is ready. I guess it is out for alpha testing, I don't think I'll bother until it's past the beta stage.

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