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  • Fearless Leader
    Jan 26, 01:14 AM
    I've lost a bit. :( actually quite a lot. I bought at around 170ish a while ago in prepare for the surge of macworld like last year but am at a bit of a loss right now. I think my avatar shows my recent mood.

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  • StopSign24
    Sep 13, 01:30 PM
    Finally pulled the trigger and bought a Pentax k-x, been wanting a DSLR for a while now.


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  • VideoFreek
    Dec 29, 01:38 PM
    I'm always amazed by the amount of abuse the human body can withstand. How is she not already dead? How is it that her bones don't break under the load? Astonishing, really.

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  • iMikeT
    Oct 18, 05:59 PM
    I wish I had the money to invest a couple of months ago when Apple's stock was ~$50.:(


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  • j800r
    May 3, 08:09 AM
    The way they've been able to keep the price low while using quad-cores in EVERY iMac has been by downgrading the GPUs. The Graphics Cards in EVERY model are now mobile. In the last line of iMacs they were full powered desktop GPUs.

    So, you see, while there's an upside (the processors), it doesn't come without a down (the GPUs). At first glance I was really annoyed as the �999 one (which is what I got before the refresh) had an i5 quad core, then I saw the graphics memory and got even more annoyed, but THEN I noticed the large shiny M at the end of the GPU name. THAT's how they've been able to bring us them processors and still keep the price down. They've downgraded the GPUs. As my i3 processor practically acts like a quad core anyway and is virtually never pushed to it's limits I think I'm more than happy with what I have. The GPU may only have 256MB dedicated memory but at least it's not mobile.

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  • dongmin
    Aug 15, 10:06 PM
    Your lucky day. Look at the search bar on http://images.macrumors.com/downloads/leopardsafarifind.jpgWhy not integrate internet search into Spotlight??? I search the internet far far more than I do Spotlight (I barely use Spotlight--too sluggish on my iBook). If they'd integrate google, wiki, amazon, etc. people'd be using Spotlight all day long. Get people into the habit!


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  • Mistrblank
    Apr 12, 10:06 AM
    Hmmm. I was fully convinced that dethmaShine was being totally sarcastic with his posts. Seemed obvious to me.

    But I see that 5 other posters don't think so. Those are some pretty big odds...5/1...am I really right?

    Yeah, I still think I am. :p

    Edit: 7 now!

    I've read the post over again and if that was sarcasm, he's bad at it and should stop. Sarcasm on forums is bad form to begin with, the medium does not convey the emphasis appropriately.

    Regardless, there are people that believe EXACTLY what he was extolling and they're sadly the sheep that marketting of the Android manufacturers have captured.

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  • rxse7en
    Jul 28, 09:07 AM
    So what? That doesn't make it an HD-DVD player. And if you think the Xbox 360 is the only piece of hardware that can upscale standard DVDs to 720p, think again.

    The only thing helping the Xbox 360 right now is the fact that it's the only next-gen console on the market right now.

    I clearly state it's not an HD-DVD player, nor do I say it's the only upscaling "player" out there. It IS the only game console that upscales standard DVDs at this point though.


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  • Detlev
    Jul 26, 09:06 PM
    I'm going to assume it doesn't mean that you actually control the thing without touching it, rather it just makes the wheel disappear when you aren't holding it. That seems to be a more useful idea.

    I mean, otherwise, it's a useless feature, except to prevent screen scratching.
    That is more likely. Even if a user did not have to touch the screen it would be extremely foreign to people to type or control a piece of hardware without actually touching it�air typing. Look at the new ATMs that are controlled on screen. You can see people reactions to the machine when it does not operate as assumed. They press harder on the screen :rolleyes:

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  • Kardashian
    Jul 25, 02:51 AM
    I hope we don't have something like this.


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  • Seo
    Nov 11, 03:39 AM
    just goes to show people still want to be able to see flash on their iphones reguardless of how bloated

    Not an accurate deduction from this app's popularity.

    See, this app is a very slick implementation of Flash on the iOS. No bloat, and everything's fast and battery efficient, because iOS sees it as HTML5. All the bloat and processing is on the Skyfire servers.

    All you can tell from Skyfire's success is that people want Flash as long as it is as good or better than HTML5.

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  • MagnusVonMagnum
    Nov 26, 03:09 PM
    What I said: Users of the 120M+ iOS devices are doing just fine without Flash plugins is completely true. There are no Flash plugins for this device. Nobody can run a shred of Flash content in their browser on this device.

    No amount of nonsensical shouting will change the facts.

    The only thing nonsensical around here is your insistence that everything you say is correct and that no one else is allowed to have an opinion but you on a given subject.

    You like to speak for other people and act like they agree with you with no basis what-so-ever to come to that conclusion. Like I said three times now (and which you ignore, along with pretty much everything in my posts), this very thread and the sales thereof indicate a HUGE interest in being able to view Flash on iOS devices and no amount of BS nonsense on your part will change that fact. People get along without Flash until now because they had no choice (thanks to Steve). Your implication that people would return an iOS device based on just a single feature alone is ludicrous just like the logic in your posts in general. I've pointed out there is no equivalent of the iPod Touch from Android and therefore no reasonable alternative regardless of one's feelings about the inability to view Flash web sites. Instead of just acknowledging that not everyone likes Steve Jobs decision to not allow Flash (hardly an unreasonable opinion to have and clearly shared by everyone who bought this app to be able to view those sites), you just continue RANTING like a high school debate team student does just for ranting's sake. Sorry dude, but in the real world not everyone is going to agree with you or share your point-of-view about opinions. Opinion is a word you should look up, BTW since you clearly either cannot tell them from facts or simply won't allow anyone else to express their opinion without jumping down their throat. Take your pick.


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  • smilechild
    Apr 23, 08:46 PM
    I've waited for this for so long, I hope the iPhone comes to T-mobile this year... it would be an answered prayer!!!

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  • yg17
    Mar 7, 05:55 PM
    I guess we're down to one and a half men.


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  • jbanger
    Nov 29, 01:58 AM
    I'm from the old school of Schmidt Stixx and Powell & Peralta. I'm looking for a board with totem poles on either side of a temple. I'm unsure which of those companies made them Stixx or Peralta but its hasn't been in production since 87. if anybody knows and can find the name/picture it would be helpful (Yes these where the days when the young adult Tony Hawk ripped the scene just prior to showing that the 720 was possible and doable with STYLE).

    that kind of sounds familiar, let me put my thinking cap on....

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  • Jeremy81
    Sep 13, 07:36 PM
    iPhone 4, Kindle 3, and Apple TV all ordered around the same time. I somehow got lucky received the iPhone overnight(via AT&T) but everything else is still on order(Kindle finally shipping soon). I'm really enjoying the iPhone 4. I've had every other iPhone on release day but decided to try something different prior to this and purchased Nexus One(amazing device and very fast). I stupidly got rid f the Nexus for a Dell Streak which I hated and decided I would switch back to iPhone until the next gen of phones are out.


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  • stockscalper
    Apr 18, 07:37 AM
    While these Sandy Bridge processors are considerably faster in lab benchmarks, they offer no discernible real-world improvement for most users. Having used a MacBook Pro with a C2D and then one of the new Sandy Bridge, I couldn't tell the difference.

    As MacBook Air owners know, it's all about the SSD speed for improving the experience for everyday users.

    Very true. Plus, turbo mode is mostly marketing hype. It should be called turbo fraud. It doesn't work the way it's advertised, ie, most of the time when you need it to. So, what you're really getting is a 1.4 GHZ computer that's advertised as a 2.3 GHZ one. That's taking marketing hype to the extreme. The only way I would buy a computer with one of Intel's turbo hyped CPU's is if the bottom score met my needs. I would never rely on the hyped theoretical upper score in making my decision and in this case 1.4 GHZ doesn't cut it for me.

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  • guzhogi
    May 3, 09:12 AM
    I have an external Mac display cerca 2008 with a the apple display port that I hook to my Macbook. When I got a revamped mac book I had to buy a mini display adapter to use it.

    I want to get a the new iMac, and want to use my external display still. But I haven't been able to find info on Mini/Display port to Tunderbolt.

    I know half the charm of these thunderbolts is running HD video from an external drive and separate monitors. But I haven't found what I'm looking for.


    If I understand you correctly, you want to plug a mini-Display port on your MacBook Pro to the Thunderbolt port on your iMac. All you need is a mini-Display Port to mini-Display Port cord. Thunderbolt uses the same connectors.

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  • Apple OC
    Apr 24, 07:29 PM
    And how about if she has men's parts down there? Where does she belong then?

    IMO the Men's washroom ... until he finishes with the transformation ... he is still just a cross dresser

    May 1, 11:48 PM
    On that note:


    Oct 23, 07:22 PM
    This is actually an incorrect report that Microsoft has tried to correct, but it keeps getting reported.


    I know we jump all over MS for spreading FUD... We shouldn't do the same.

    Ummmm ... The Oct 18 Update in that link says exactly what we've been saying here: you can't legally run Vista Home editions in a VM. Period. See:

    Update 18-Oct: Microsoft has issued yet another "clarification." They say you really can't legally run Vista home versions in a VM. I say their agreement is incomprehensible and their policy is stupid and short-sighted. Details here.

    So ... FCT* then?

    (* Fear, Certainty, and Truth, as opposed to Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt)

    Jul 10, 10:18 AM
    This is good news. Not sure if it will be able to convert me away from Mellel, which has been a fabulous word processor for me for what I need...


    But glad to see the progress for Apple.

    Oct 23, 10:59 AM
    The new MacBook Air, 11.6'' base model. Going to New York during christmas and will buy there the new Air. Here in The Netherlands it costs 1000 euro, in the USA it's around 700 euro (converted dollar - euro). Difference of 300 euro!

    That's what I did in 2008 when the Original Mac Book Air came out, it saved at the time more than �450.:)

    Apr 25, 12:26 PM
    Really hoping they bring back the 24" this was really a great starter size.

    Nah, they make much more profit from having just a 21.5" and 27"

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