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  • johnny depp 2011 oscars.

  • mscriv
    Mar 3, 11:17 PM
    I would argue they helped themselves. They may have needed some sort of boost but they helped themselves. Someone can make a conscious decision to help themselves if they are strong enough. No one is addicted to alcohol. I would argue people are not addicted to drugs. Mind over will. Try it. Like Charlie said that Nike says, Don't attempt it, "Just Do It".

    So physiological and psychological dependence don't exist then, it's all just a matter of willpower and choice?

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  • Orme
    May 2, 10:10 AM
    Will an apple store employee tell me if I harass them all day or bribe them with monies? Or don't they know either? :confused:

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  • Johnny Depp Vanity Fair

  • NickZac
    Jan 1, 11:38 PM
    Because I feel I've made my point. I'm arguing against the stereotypes and prejudices, not the effects on society and healthcare, or mental dysfunction.

    I am with you 100%; one's weight bears no resemblance to one's character and no case will be exactly the same. Like most issues, there is a strong degree of individualization and how someone experiences and interprets the same events can vary dramatically.

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  • Johnny Depp x Vanity Fair

  • ReallyBigFeet
    Apr 18, 09:30 AM
    This one goes out to all the tinfoil hat wearers....you know who you are (secret code inserted here.-..-11..-312).

    I think Apple intentionally borked our current 320M graphic power in the 10.6.7 release fiasco. This was intentional. That way when they release the new MBA's with the inferior integrated graphics chipset, they can actually show an IMPROVEMENT in graphic speed.

    Seriously. Its true. I read it on the intrawebs.


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  • johnny depp 2011 calendar.

  • mtkagan
    Mar 16, 08:03 AM
    5th in line @ south coast plaza

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  • johnny depp 2011 movies.

  • SiCbe
    Oct 23, 08:08 AM
    For Mac users, why would we want to install Vista-(via BootCamp) and then also use it under virtualization?

    What situation is there that you would want to run the same OS on the same box, one natively installed and one in virtualization?:confused:

    well I would want to install Vista in bootcamp to play games... and the same one under parallels to be able to do simple tasks in windows without having to reboot OSX... :-) until parallels comes up with that 3d enabled version we'll have to install it twice ;-)


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  • SuperCachetes
    Dec 31, 10:48 PM
    ...God, not religion...

    I'll be honest: I don't know what the heck that even means.

    ...I read every post and I understood them all...

    No. You didn't. I am not judging her, and there are many here who aren't. I merely want all people to be accountable for their impact on society. For example, you are probably more healthy than I am. That's awesome. I truly hope you have the ability to pay lower insurance premiums than me. Why would I begrudge you that - I outweigh you by 50 lbs, and smoked for 25 years. But I'll tell you one thing - I run 15 miles a week now, trying to reclaim every last smidgen of lung capacity I can find. And, I've dropped 15 pounds in the last 6 weeks. And all just because I know I should. Think of how great it would be if there was financial incentive, to boot!

    ...my argument is not that she isn't a liability. It's that no one here has a right to decide where the line is between what lifestyle is so selfish that it is your personal concern.

    Please stop assuming there is a "line." It can be a sliding scale. "Healthiness" can be measured with a variety of metrics (BMI, blood pressure, blood chemistry, etc) and there is no reason that numbers compared to numbers have to be judgmental. It doesn't have to be "healthy" vs. "unhealthy." That said, countless government agencies and private groups have decided what qualifies as "obese." The info is out there. People blow it off because there are no repercussions, no liability one way or the other.

    I would argue that accepting a lifestyle that has a much higher likelihood of illness or death doesn't necessarily mean mental illness. What about adventure seekers? Is climbing Everest a sign of mental illness? The likelihood of dying is high, and honestly, some would say that you have to be crazy to do it, but people still praise the behavior, and don't label the person with a mental illness.


    Guys, it really is possible that she just LOVES food. I've met people like that. They are great chefs and are very over weight because they love food. Not because they have some kind of mental deficiency.

    I really LOVE alcohol. I have been known to drink three bottles of wine, a half-bottle of whiskey, or a twelve-pack of beer in an evening. I don't do it to get drunk, I just really like the stuff. Are you cool with chipping in for my liver transplant? :cool:

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  • redchannel
    Apr 22, 04:15 PM
    That is one ugly mock-up :eek:


    johnny depp 2011 pictures. johnny depp 2011 vanity fair.
  • johnny depp 2011 vanity fair.

  • Digital Skunk
    Apr 24, 04:13 PM
    All we need now is an iPhone worthy of Sprint's network.

    4.3" screen

    NO buttons

    etc. . . . . you know . . . an EVO that runs iOS.

    Or, the app makers that I've been bugging for years can just port to Android, then I and many other would be happy campers.

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  • nick004
    Oct 24, 09:17 AM
    Is it me, or Apple is also offering new 750 Gb Hard drives as an option for Mac Pros and iMacs?

    Wonder if there are any other surprises hiding amoung the spec pages?


    johnny depp 2011 pictures. johnny depp 2011 pictures.
  • johnny depp 2011 pictures.

  • heehee
    Oct 21, 10:54 AM
    A trip to Mont Tremblant.

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  • Captain Jack Sparrow - 2011

  • GuitarDTO
    May 1, 02:43 PM
    You can't beat it because it's a pirate site. NONE of the money from the site goes to the artists, songwriters, producers, labels, etc.

    There's a reason it's based out of Russia. So I hope you're happy knowing your essentially buying stolen property.

    Proof please. You have no idea what does or doesn't go to the artists, songwriters, producers, etc. You are speculating. The site has been up and running for years now, because noone has been able to prove in a court that they are doing anything illegal. If the courts decide otherwise and shut the site down, I'll move back to Amazon.


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  • him in before. Johnny

  • cmaier
    Apr 22, 01:01 PM
    Two companies I really don't care for.

    Apple makes some sweet hardware (hence I visit this site) but they seriously lack in the software programming and ethical department.

    What has apple done that is unethical?

    johnny depp 2011 pictures. Johnny Depp Actor Johnny Depp
  • Johnny Depp Actor Johnny Depp

  • Ann P
    Jan 30, 10:40 PM
    Dozens of flower arrangement and apple cider in celebration of Chinese New Year. :)




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  • lilo777
    Apr 23, 12:21 AM
    The fact is, we've been through this before. The iPhone 1 was going to be a huge failure because it didn't have 3G. They were concerned about coverage and battery life. It's the same issue now.

    People are saying apple should make those sacrifices now to keep up with technology. But nobody is addressing the fact that apple has historical evidence that this is a sound approach.

    So many people just love to see every issue from the Apple perspective. There are people who get paid for that. Should not you - as a consumer - care more about the gadget you want than Apple success?

    Using two separate chips eats battery life. Not to mention LTE is still "just" coming out, so it won't be widespread enough to take advantage of it until 2012 anyway.

    Apple does not have to use two chips. They could just design separate phone for Verizon (just like iPhone 4) which does not support GSM. Not ideal but that's where technology is today. At least Verizon customers could enjoy iPhone 5 with LTE.

    johnny depp 2011 pictures. also: Johnny Depp Received
  • also: Johnny Depp Received

  • daneoni
    Apr 22, 10:15 AM
    Give us a 4.3" screen so the phone would have to be somewhat bigger - big enough to support two chips for 3G and 4G.


    No thanks.

    4.0 max whilst retaining current size. It's a phone not a tablet.


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  • Johnny Depp covers the January

  • bvz
    Apr 26, 05:57 PM
    smug free screen? Apple will never eliminate smugness in its products! :)

    happy former owner of a 27" i7 imac that was stolen last month. Looking forward to replacing it with this new one.

    I saw and got my hands on a possible prototype IMac that had a touchable screen and a smug free screen. It also had the earlier uncoded virtual keyboard in the Lion OS. though it was only a prototype but a very realistic one for production. I believe it to be the IMac I and my father both got our hands on earlier this year.:apple:

    johnny depp 2011 pictures. Angeles - Johnny Depp 2011
  • Angeles - Johnny Depp 2011

  • MattSepeta
    Apr 14, 09:19 PM

    Mad puppy! (handheld spontaneous, 50mm prime on crop so sorry bout the ears)

    Can I have that dog???

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  • thefourthpope
    Mar 31, 10:48 AM
    I'm all for a new look, and the iCal UI is pretty awkward most of the time. But, as many have pointed out, this is just fugly. I can do without the faux leather. I get how that could work on an iPad, when you're holding the thing in your hands like a real calendar, but when operating on a monitor....I don't get it.

    Apr 29, 12:37 PM
    As the owner of a 1GHz eMac that will be 8 years old this summer, I've been targeting this as the year to upgrade to a 27" Core i7 iMac. We also have a MacBook that is getting up there in computer age. I'm really looking forward to this refresh, but I'll be waiting until this summer when they are shipping with Lion installed. I figure I've waited this long already, what's another few months?! I can't wait to do some home video editing on a machine that can easily handle it and dabble in some gaming on games that aren't 8-10 years old (even if most of my gaming will still be on the Xbox 360).

    Feb 27, 10:35 PM
    the guy's an overpaid idiot.

    and at least Mel Gibson can act �

    But Mel's fists can't breathe fire

    Apr 14, 12:50 PM
    I'm downloading in the vain hope that Apple will have fixed the bug that sees third party apps no longer display their launch animation on first run ... hope that will soon be dashed in 600 or so wonderful megabytes.

    Dec 2, 01:52 AM
    After the Month of Kernel Bugs, are you concerned about Mac OS X security?

    No - 62%

    See, that bugs me. Everyone should be concerned about security. I believe OS X's overriding security feature is obscurity, and once that situation changes I can see the OS falling over very quickly.

    One of the weakest links in the chain is the user, and if the user is not concerned then you have a problem.

    Dont get me wrong, I think OS X is great, but it just hasn't been "weathered" in the wild like Windows has. If OS X becomes a viable target then we're in for a bumpy ride.

    OSX is based on FreeBSD, which has been around for an eternity and includes modules from even older Unixy stuff. There's paying attention, there's worrying, and then there's running around with your hair on fire digging for a bomb shelter with your bare hands. We're at the pay attention stage.
    MOKB showed that the kernel can be a source of bugs and that OS design should incorporate this problem into the design. This doesn't mean panic or worry or take a pair of scissors to your broad-band connection, this means Apple has some things to fix. It also showed that wireless is inherently insecure and the problems with drivers can affect Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.
    Again, MOKB isn't all that important, it's Apple's response to problems that really matters.

    wedge antilies
    Jul 28, 10:21 AM
    I agree. I like MS strategy. They want to get their foot in the door and compete, then sell you all kinds of other ish. Look at the XBOX/XBOX 360, they may sell them at a loss, but with the Software, XBOX Live, and the Marketplace, they are making their money.

    No they are still not making money....From a Forbes article 2005/09/12..

    linkypoo (http://www.forbes.com/home/technology/2005/09/12/microsoft-management-software_cz_vm_0913microsoft.html)

    "The Xbox game console is hot, but its division has lost $4 billion in four years and isn't yet in the black."

    And as for the success of the XBox 360 from bink.nu (july 23)

    bink link (http://bink.nu/Article7827.bink)

    "Microsoft's Home and Entertainment division, home to the Xbox, posted a hefty fiscal year loss of $1.26 billion, thanks largely to losses involved with the Xbox 360. For Microsoft's fourth quarter, losses in the Home and Entertainment division were $414 million. Microsoft says they have shipped 5 million Xbox 360 units worldwide as of the end of June, roughly seven and a half months after launch."

    Having said that I do own a Xbox, and will probably buy an Xbox 360 when Halo 3 comes out. And a PS3. And a Wii.

    The fact is the Xbox 360 really isn't sellilng that well outside the US, where it has sold 3.3 mil units, in Europe it has sold only 1.3 mil, and more embarrasingly only 0.4 mil in the rest of the world INCLUDING Japan. In fact for the week ending 16th July only 1105 Xbox 360s were sold in Japan, compared to 140,858 DS LItes, and less than one tenth of the sales of the DS phat and less than one twentieth of the PS2, during the same time.

    Microsofts home and entertainment division just lost $414million in the last quarter!

    I just don't think you should say that the Xbox has been a success, it is possible, however success is a long way off.

    -Red 2.

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